Koldbrann - Biography





Koldbrann (Gangrene) is a Norwegian black metal band founded in 2001.

Musically Koldbrann, like countrymen 1349, play very orthodox black metal in the classic Norwegian mould and have also received favorable comparisons to early Gorgoroth, Mayhem and Darkthrone. Much of the praise directed at the band has therefore been centered around their songwriting and excellent reproduction of the old sound of the Norwegian scene.

They recorded two demos in 2002 and their first album Nekrotisk Inkvisition one year later. It was originally limited to 333 units, but due to several recent re-releases more than five thousand have been released. After releasing a Split EP with Ljå and the Atomvinter EP the band moved to German label Twilight Vertrieb for the release of their second album Moribund, which featured guest appearances by Iblis and L. Wachtfels from Endstille (who are on the same label). It was followed by a split with Faustcoven and a tour with Negator and Sarkom. In the year 2007 they toured with Taake and Urgehal and appeared at the 2007 edition of Oslo's Inferno Metal Festival. They also embarked on the same year on a tour of Eastern Europe with Marduk.

As of 2009 they are touring with Shining, they performed again in Inferno, and will perform in Barther Metal Openair in Germany.
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