Salamandra - Biography




The band was formed by guitarist Pavel Sliva in October 1998 during recording their first album Twilight Of Legends. They went with the same line-up for 3 years and have recorded one more album Skarremar (in 2000) before they have changed their keyboard player in April 2001. Another change on this post was made a year later, when Hanka Šlachtová entered the band as keyboard player and occasional singer. With this lineup the third album Great Moravian Elegies was made, but shortly after release they parted ways with the lead singer Dalibor Halamíček and the new singer Ivan Borovský was assigned. Last change in lineup so far was made in October 2005 on the bass guitarist post. In November 2007 the new album Faces Of Chimera was released.

The band is playing melodic speed metal mixed with some gothic elements. They are ranked quite good in the Czech metal scene. They have played a lot of concerts and appeared on several Czech metal fests as well as they were assigned as support of such a bands as Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Edguy or Kreator during those bands Czech concerts. One of their cover song - The Judas - has appeared on the compilation made by Helloween fan club, which is probably the only chance how anyone can know them abroad. Unfortunately...

(Source:, translated by user Chris Amber)