Witchery - Biography



Witchery was formed in 1997 when a black metal band called Satanic Slaughter had recorded their debut album at Unisound Studios. All the former members of Satanic Slaughter except the founder and the only original member Ztephan Dark left the band since they didn't agree with his musical ways and therefore decided to go on by themselves under the name Witchery. Among the members were Jensen (now also of The Haunted) who knew Paul Thind at Necropolis Records since a long time. He offered the band a record deal for their debut album. In January 1998 they recorded "Restless And Dead" at Blue Hill Studios in Linköping.

In April 1998 they recorded an EP called "Witchburner" at Los Angered Studio, Gothenburg, with Andy LaRocque as the producer. The EP consisted of four cover songs of Accept, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Wasp as well as two new songs. In the beginning of July 1998 they recorded their second album "Dead, Hot And Ready" at Blue Hill again and in October "Restless And Dead" was released. Their debut album had been postponed since Necropolis was very happy about it and wanted to promote it fully.

In January 1999 Witchery played their first official show in Helsinki, Finland. They were also voted as the best newcomer by the readers of Finland's No1 metal magazine "Suomi Finland Perkele". In March their EP "Witchburner" was released and they now went on the "King Of Terror" tour with Emperor and Borknagar throughout the US in July. In September "Dead, Hot And Ready" was released and in October/November they went on their first Japanese tour with three shows.

In January 2000 Witchery actually toured Europe on a 40-date journey for the first time together with Moonspell and Kreator. In March they also played the second "March Metal Meltdown" in New Jersey, USA. During the rest of the year the band members concentrated mostly on their other bands Seance, Arch Enemy and The Haunted. Between January 29th and February 10th 2001 they recorded their album "Symphony For The Devil" at Berno Studios in Malmö, Sweden. In early 2001 their drummer Mique also left the band because of a kid and a promising career move in his "civil" life. The new drummer was Martin Axe.

In December 2005 the band signed a new contract with Century Media.

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