Cadavrul - Biography



After several gigs we released our first DEMO E.P. "Forensic Nightmares" in 2006, containing 4 tracks: Pure Lust, Soul In A Coffin, Justified Slaughter, The Masked Killer.
Music genre: "death metal (to grind)".
The lyrics describe the fascinating serial killer psychology.

In February 2007 the line-up changes: Vali "Karcalac" (vocals) joins the band.
December 2007: it's time to bring new members, therefore Militaru Cristi (bass) and Mihai (drums) enter the crew.
The line-up changes once again in 2008 when Vali "Karcalac" is forced to leave the band, so the new death growls player is Adi. In order to become more extreme and to add more ferocity, we had to find another drums player, so the newest CADAVRUL member is Eugen.