Slartibartfass - Biography





Slartibartfass was founded at the beginning of the year 2005 by Thomas (keyboard) and Philipp (guitars). During the first time the two concentrated generally on composing songs. Shortly after, Nicolas was added with the bass/accordion and Markus with the drums, so the new songs could be played with an entire band for the first time. After a little while, a suitable singer was found with Daniel.

In the next time, we especially started writing other songs and texts. Then in March 2006, the debut concert with the Munich pagan band "Helfahrt" took place in Ulm. It was a great succes and we got a name in the metal scene of Southern Germany. Since that day we were asked several times to play at other concerts, what we mostly did with great pleasure.

In June 2006 we recorded our first CD called Nordwind in the sound studio „Studio 2" in Neu-Ulm. This CD contains 7 of our songs, including our most popular track "Trinklied".
Due to the contract with Trollzorn/SMP records, we can sell our CD in their onlineshop.

Since January 2007 we get additional support by Jessica (bagpipes) who could be herard both live and on our further records. Furthermore, we also changed our drummer in January. Because of temporally problems we part with Markus, but we found a talented replacement with Juan.

In May 2007 we could sign a record deal with Trollzorn, whereupon we recorded our first album at the Toninfusion Tonstudio Ulm together with Martin Schmitt in July. To allude to our home town, it got the name "Nebelheim".

Due to musical differences, our vocalist Daniel left in summer '08 the band. Because of our decision, not to look for a replacement, our guitarist Philipp is taking the vocals know.