Brown Jenkins - Biography



Formed from the ruins of the instrumental band Starshine, Brown Jenkins originally began as an attempt to capture, illustrate, or further explore the aesthetic atmospheres opened by H.P. Lovecraft in his stories. The band took its name from the half rat-half human demonic familiar Brown Jenkin from "The Dreams In The Witch House", a constant favorite, and opened their first CD-R demo, 2007's Squamous with songs that were inspired directly by Lovecraft's creations Joseph Curwen (and his infernal summoning chamber), the star travelers out of "The Whisperer In Darkness", and the love life of Lavinia Whateley. Another CD-R demo later that year, Call Down The Star Cult, completely instrumental, explored the dominant moods of "The Call Of Cthulhu". Feeling like they hadn't received proper attention after their next release, the MCD Dagonite, given to the public as a free EP, two members of the band left.

UA decided to carry on alone and began working on material that would eventually make up the band's first proper album, 2008's Angel Eyes. Attention to Lovecraft's work was already beginning to wane even in the middle of writing Dagonite, a 5-song dedication to "The Shadow Over Innsmouth". The songs on that EP eventually mutated away from their first origins and became much darker and more introspective in tone. It was decided to stray away from Lovecraft's writings and try something original. Soon enough, Moribund Records signed the band and decided to release Dagonite as a proper CD, and it gained substantial critical attention. As Brown Jenkins continues to grow, develop, and change, the newest material found on Angel Eyes proves to be the most progressive and innovative yet in the band's short career, blending together doom, black, death metal, and everything in between.

Two more releases are currently being worked on: a 3-song EP called Welcome The Bitterness, part of God Is Myth Record's Lovecraft series, and the final album for Moribund Records, Death Obsession - quite simply, a personal monument dedicated to extinction, murder, burial, and decay.