Marionette - Biography



Inspired by the Japanese visual-kei scene and the brutality of western metal, Marionette has come to bring new light to the metal genre. Mixing elegance, darkness, power, aggression, and speed, Marionette's upcoming debut album will hit the metal scene with the power of an atomic bomb in 2008.

Marionette was formed in late 2005 by Mikael Medin who wanted to form a band that sought to mix the ambiance of Japanese music with the harshness and aggression of European metal: an unheard of and original combination of styles. After a few lineup changes, Marionette officially took its current form in late 2006.
The band recorded their second demo "Terror Hearts" with Henryk Lipp (Burst) and Christian Silver (Sonic Syndicate) during the fall of 2006 and it was mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, At The Gates) in December of the same year.
Ever since the start, Marionette has been in a number of contests placing in the top of all of them. The band placed in the top 4 of the Scandinavian finals of Emergenza, one of the worlds largest music contest. They also went to the finals of Sweden's biggest contest, MusikDirekt and ended up in the top 20 of over 700 unsigned bands. Other achievements include winning Göteborgstalangen and Centrumgbg's Metaltown contest and going to the finals of Partillerocken. The band's success is testament not only of their energetic and interactive live shows, but also to their rapidly growing fan-base.

Without a doubt, Marionette is a gem in the Swedish metal scene, going beyond the boundaries of the Gothenburg sound. The band's explosive live show, coupled with their young age and growing fanbase make them a band to keep a close eye on as they enter the studio this fall to record their as-of-yet untitled debut album.