Dissenter - Biography


1996 - that year after BLOODLUST suspended its acitvity, Dissenter was born.

1997 - ''Moral Insanity'' first demo tape recording and two successive tracks titled ''Moral Insanity" and ''The End'' which as Dissenter II were firmed by SEVEN GATES OF HELL.

1999 - ''Novum Vox Mortis'' released composition CD ''DISCO'S OUT, SLAUGHTER'S IN'', where recordings from the second demo were set.In summer 1999 the band recorded the material for their debut album "Bloodlust And Blasphemy". "Novum Vox Mortis" showed its interest to release the Dissenter's debut but preliminary assignations turned out to have finished because Novum Vox Mortis suspended and ended its activity.

2000 - participation in second edition of "Obscene Extreme" festival in Trutnow . "For Kill My Pain" video clip recording. Due to Dariusz Sebastianski, "Bloodlust And Blasphemy" record came out. The video clip has been attatched to the record.

2001 - a promotional period of "Bloodlust&Blasphemy" as well as new tracks preparation, which were later recorded in Hertz studio in Bialystok.

2002 - a contract with Empire Records and "Apocalypse Of The Damned" was released. 2002 ThrashEm All festival the band took part in . In the West "Apocalypse of the Damned" was released by Cold Blood Industries. The concerts planned in the Netherlands and Belgium were canceled because of personal problems within the band. Heter left the band and Stoker and Rob joined Dissenter.

2003 - "Contamination" (Empire Records) was released. Members of the band are: Garbaty, Mlody, Stoker, Rob. The band guested 2003 Empire Invasion Tour. Crash Music (USA) took promotions in their hands.

2005 - the band entered Hertz studio again where "Furor Arma Ministrat" was recorded. That is the next time when the record came out thanks to Empire Records.

(source: http://www.dissenter.prv.pl/)