Ocultan - Biography



1994 - 1996

It was in 1994 that Ocultan´s trajectory began, when Count Imperium, that in this time was doing both bass and vocals, joined with the guitarrist Cerberus. After two years, in ´96, the drummer Lord Fausto joined to the band. After his coming, the band started to make their firsts compositions, that resulted in the REH "Eternus Maus", released in june 25, 1996. Six months later, in december 1st, the band released their first Official Dt "Regnus ad Exus" that have the songs from REH and four new compositions. In the DTs, Ocultan´s song had a raw and fast Black Metal like some bands from this time.
Few weeks later, after the release of Official Dt, Cerberus leaves the band for personal reasons, then Count Imperium leaved the bass to assume the guitars.

1997 - 1998

Months later, in 1997, Dom Junior join the band to assume the bass, after his coming, the band´s line up stabilized at this time and the band started new compositions to a next release.
In the same year, was delivered to the new label (in this time) Evil Horde Records one copie from Official Dt, without delay, the label demonstrated a good deal interest in the band and did a proposal to release two cds, months later, in december, the band started the recordings of the debut cd, that in the same month was finished.
In this half-time the band entered a touch the guitarrist Lady of Blood and in january, 1998 she entered in the band. In 1998 the band stay composing news songs already thinking in a new release.
Since that time, Lady of Blood contributed with Count Imperium in the compositions of the band.

1999 - 2000

After long months, in september, '99 finally was released the debut cd, by Evil Horde Records, called "Bellicus Profanus". The cd have 9 songs and are very different of Ocultan today, it had an execellent response in Brazil and others countries.
Six months ago, in march, 2000, for various musical and personal reasons, Lord Fausto was retired of the band, after your retirement, all thoughts from Ocultan was concentrated in find a new serious drummer with the same musical proposal & thoughts of the band, knowing that should be a difficult mission, and after a time of search without success, Count Imperium has decided to assume the function of drummer, after his decision, the band stay for some months playing with Count Imperium in the Drums and Vocals. For some years, the band had friendship and contact with Males Maleficarum, then the band has decided invite he to assume the vocals, after that, in october, Males join to the band, the decision of having a new vocalist came from Count Imperium, because with other person in the vocals, he could have a best performance in your new instrument.

2001 - 2002

For almost one year the band just did new songs, more brutal and reformulating the already composed, and of course, the band was adapting with the new line up, because Count Imperium, before assuming the drums, never there was play this instrument.
In september, 2001, with eight new songs, the band entered in studio to record their second album, the recordings tooked one month more or less.
Four months later, in february, 2002, was released the new work "Remembrances of Evil, the Crucification", once more by Evil Horde Records. This release showed a new Ocultan, more fast and brutal and different of first work, with lyrics in Portuguese. After this release, in march, the band has decided leaves Evil Horde Records for various professionals disagreements that was harming the band. Few months later, Mutilation Records did a proposal to band, in the beginning should be a EP with 3 songs, but after talking with label, was determined release a complete cd, because the band had some musics composed.
In august, 2002, Ocultan started the recordings of third album, in a new studio, that turned out in a superior recording compared with previous albuns. Three months after recordings, was released the third cd, "Lords of Evil...", that had an initial pressing of 2000 copies in cd and a limited version in 500 copies of vinyl, this edition brought a bonus from Official Dt. In this cd, the band presents a sound still more brutal than your last work.
Since then, the band receive excellent comments from media and specialized zines !!
For some time the band had contact with the new label "Imperial Records", the label searched some great band for making his first release, the band had recordings from some concerts of 2002, then both had the idea of a Live CD.


After negotiate the final details and the band select the musics, the label Imperial Records, began study the best time to release the "Live". After some months, in June, was released the Live Cd, called "Infernal Live". The response from the cd was greatest than expected, and once again the band was receiving excellent comments !!
After this exclusive release by Imperial Records, the band had almost all musics composed to release the next work, still by Mutilation Records, after decide the oficial date of release, the band entered in studio in august, that in few weeks resulted in one production of international quality... After 4 months, in december, was released the most new work: "The Coffin".


After the release "The Coffin", the band received excellent comments from the media and public, The Coffin was considered the best album of the band.
In march, the band came back toward studio to produce your first video clip and remix 3 songs from "The Coffin" singed in english that, this year will be part of a limited edition from the own "The Coffin" in digipak format coffin. In april, for professional reasons, Males Maleficarum is no longer a part of band, daimoth assumed the vocals. During some months, the band stayed composing new songs, just participating of some shows. After finish 8 songs, in November, Ocultan enter in studio to recording his fifty studio´s album "Profanation", released months later, in 2005 by Pazuzu Records...


After Count Imperium found his own label, Pazuzu Records, was released in february the most new album "Profanation", that have their first issue sold out just in 1 month, it´s a result from a great work that shows a visible evolution, how could be expected, once again the cd received excellents comments from media and people, it´s bring good things from band as a participation in one of the greatest brazilian Metal´s festival, BMU, that happens once a year in San Paulo. In november, by personal reasons, daimoth left Ocultan, few days after, Legacy, ex-vocalist from brazilian Black Metal band "Morthor", assumed the vocals, since that, the band turns to have just one guitar as before...

(source: http://www.ocultan.com)