The Spektrum - Biography


The Spektrum arose in October 2005 in Leiria, Portugal, when a group of friends with similar musical influences formed the band.

The original members of the band were Dyrion - Vocals, Engraved - Guitars, Abigor - Guitars, Zouzahammen - Bass, and Lulu - Drums.

The band started to play Thrash Metal, but later, in January 2006, unsatisfied with their music, the band decided to change their style. Samnu joined in as the keyboarder and the band started composing new stuff, a more melodic metal.

In May 2006, Lulu left the band for personal reasons, Samnu left the keyboard and started playing drums, Abigor started playing both guitar and keys. The Spektrum achieved the final line-up, Dyrion - Vocals, Engraved - Guitars, Zouzahammen - Bass, Abigor - Keys and Guitars and Samnu - Drums. Late in July 2006, with the new line-up, the band felt that it was time to record a "demo". They entered the studio at Saint Studios and recorded "Marching Through The Darkness". "Marching Through The Darkness" was released in October 2006 and received positive critiques at the worldwide underground metal scene. The Spektrum started playing around the country including at some important Portuguese Festivals and even had some gigs in Spain.

In the summer of 2007, the band started pre-producing the debut album, "Daemonicus Awakening" in their own studio, and started later recording their debut album at the Medusa Lab Studios with producer Dikk (WithBreed) and Ares (WitchBreed) assisting, the album was mastered by Waldemar Sorychta.

Beginning 2009 the band signed a two years record deal with metal label NoiseHead Records from Austria.