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Phazm - Biography




PHAZM was born in the fall of 2003.The two chord-whippers, Pierhryck and Pathryck, found a common passion in creating dark, mud-soaked riffs, as well as in inhaling obscure forest substances.

Skin-torturer Dyrhk was immediately seduced by this realm of aggressive black metal sounds coated with rock n roll influences, and during the Fall of 2003, PHAZM spawned its first aural insanities. Mahx (bazz) left his little stinky hole shortly before the recording of a three tracks demo.

The four-piece didnt even take the time to give this demo its originally intended release. Instead, they decided to migrate towards the Danish plains in order to record their first full-length offering with producer Jacob Hansen (ILLDISPOSED, INVOCATOR, ABORTED). During the cold and dark month of December 2003, ten songs were carved onto tape in a very raw and straightforward manner.

OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS is automatically seduced by this average of dirty 'n resinous sound and release the first album "Hate At First Seed", which receives excellent reviews from all over the world. PHAZM is put on tour with YYRKOON and IMPALED NAZARENE in Easten Europe, and start to spread the madness on stage.

Because of his involvements with SCARVE and SOILWORK, Dyrhk is forced to quit the crew. Cedric, previoulsy knowed as the drummer from the death metal band SOLEKAHN, joins straight foward and do several shows in the north of France.

PHAZM records the new album, "Antebellum Death'n Roll", at the Midnight Studio (France).