Evocation - Biography




The beginning of the end (1991-1992)
The Swedish Death Metal band Evocation was formed in the fall of 1991 in Borås by Marko - guitar, Thomas - bass, Jani - vocals and the two Kenttäkumpu brothers (Janne - drums & Vesa - guitar). A couple of months later Evocation parted ways with the vocalist Jani Karvola due to lack of interest from his side. Thomas filled the empty spot as vocalist but also left the bass playing in Evocation. In 1992 two demos were recorded. The first one was recorded by demon-producer Tomas Skogsberg in Sunlight Studio and resulted in a three track and intro demo limited to 500 copies titled "The Ancient Gate". Later in an interview Skogsberg named Evocation as "the best demo band he ever had recorded". Previous to the second recording Christian "Kricke" Saarinen, reinforced the Evocation line-up as bass player. After the recordings Evocation did gigs with bands such as Ceremonial Oath, Dark Tranquillity, Dismember, Liers in Wait etc.

In death's sleep (1993-2004)
In the beginning of 1993 Evocation was considered as one of the most interesting Death Metal acts from Sweden, with a unique mix of the Gothenburg and Stockholm Death Metal sound. Despite the fact that several labels contacted the band, Evocation was put on ice in the autumn of 1993 due to musical differences. In 2001, the band was contacted by Breath Of Night Records (distribution by Merciless Records) and in November 2004 Evocation returned from the dead as the two demos from the early 90s were released worldwide as a full length, self titled album.

Dead - deceased, but life goes on (2001-2008)
In the summer of 2005 Evocation started to rehearse again and during 2006 a new full length album, "Tales from the Tomb", was recorded. Before the recording bass player Kricke declared that he had neither the time nor the energy to start over again so he decided to part ways with the band. As a replacement, a new four stringed bender called Martin "Tore" Toresson was recruited in the summer of 2005. After having recorded a three track demo in 2006, Evocation inked a multi album deal with the German label Cyclone Empire in the beginning of 2007. In April 2007 the "Tales from the Tomb" album with artwork by Dan Seagrave saw first daylight and the response was tremendous in European press. The album reached top 10 on the soundcheck in both Rock Hard (DE) & Legacy Mag (DE) and was also voted on #4 of "Best album of the year" in 2007 by all journalists on Metal Hammer (DE). Since the release of the album Evocation has shared the stage with bands such as Arch Enemy, Entombed, Sabbat, Satyricon, Testament etc. on various Festivals such as Wacken Open Air (DE), Up From The Ground (DE), Jalometalli Metal Music Festival (FI) etc. In October 2008 Evocation will release the second full length album "Dead Calm Chaos" which is recorded & mixed in Evocation Studios. The new album contains 11 brand new Death Metal tracks and an intro. Anders Björler from At The Gates/The Haunted & Dan Swanö from Bloodbath/Edge of Sanity are featured on 3 different tracks as guest artists. Artwork & layout is made by Travis Smith.

taken from the band's official website