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Katra - Biography



The beginnings of KATRA date back to 2006, when charismatic vocalist Katra Solopuro aligned with musicians to form a band.

KATRA was born and soon released their self-titled debut in the spring of 2007. The album received much media attention, and the song "Sahara" soon became a major radio hit in the summer of the same year. The band completed
a tour of Finland, which helped bring them closer together and sparked each member's creative spirit.

Soon KATRA caught the attention of Napalm Records. The Austrian label signed the band and asked for an international version of their debut. Since they had a couple of new tracks completed, KATRA added these to the new album, which also featured English versions of all the songs released on their debut.

KATRA named the finished work after one of the newborn band's originals, "Beast Within". They soon embarked on a small tour of Germany and won over new fans wherever they hit the stage.

At the end of their busy year, KATRA received nominations in numerous music polls and even won the "Best Newcomer" category of the infamous German Gothic magazine, Orkus.

However, the band did not rest on its laurels and immediately started working on new melodies and lyrics. KATRA's third release (second international release) will hit the streets in late October.

"Out of the Ashes" presents a very tight band that is willing and ready to take on the entire world with their unique mix of metal riffs, rock parts, and emotive melodies and vocal lines. The lyrics leave behind the imagery of fairytales, preferring to deal with the struggles of real life and adding a new dimension to KATRA's world.

The Finnish insider tip finally delivers its loyal fans the anxiously awaited second English album. "Out of the Ashes" is the logical sequel to KATRA's very successful Napalm Records debut, presenting a mature and committed work that delivers an enchanting symbiosis of heaviness and passion. The new songs are driven by solid guitars and by a melancholic sensuality, as heard on the album opener "Delirium". It not only flaunts the band's impressive skills, but also its irresistible and bewitching mix of strength and fervor. The tracks that follow rank just as high and prove to be true gems of the sensual musical art. Katra, the band's namesake and front lady gives "Out of the Ashes" a majestic and alluring note with her charming vocal style. The Finns have created an emotive and beautiful gothic metal album that will make fans of the genre ardent admirers of Katra!

Katra Solopuro - vocals
Kristian Kangasniemi - guitars
Teemu Mätäsjärvi - guitars
Johannes Tolonen - bass
Matti Auerkallio - drums