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Elite - Biography





Elite is based in Mo I Rana, Norway, and was founded in 2001 by Tor Arne Fallingen and Torgeir Nordahl. The band operated as a duo with different session-members until late 2002 when additional members were recruited. Elite has never released any demos, instead our first release was a split 7" EP with Carbon from Australia. The EP was released by Agonia Records in July 2003. The EP was was followed by another split EP in January 2004, this time together with german Seeds Of Hate and again on Agonia Records. Our first album, "Kampen", was released in January 2004. Agonia did the Europe-edition, while Paragon Records did the USA-edition. Ravenheart did the MC-edition. We changed label to No Colours Records in 2005 and released the MCD "Bekmørkt" in May. After this release, Tor Arne left Norway and moved to USA. Per, who up to this point had done the bass, now took Tor's role as guitarplayer. Per is also guitarist in Allfader. Chris joined in shortly after to do the bass. In March 2006, our second album, Bifrost, was released through No Colours Records. The album was recorded in Ballerina Audio in Sweden. We ended our relationship with No Colours in 2007, and are now signed to Folter Records where we released "We Own the Mountains" in August 2008.