Stormhammer - Biography



If Pure Metal is your game, then the name you seek is StormHammer!
The core of the band has actually been on their metal quest since 1993. but in 2000 this southern German six-piece started to seriously spread their compositions as Stormhammer.
The high quality of their albums "Cold Desert Moon" and "FireBall" should easily prove everybody wrong who might get the impression of yet another traditional metal newcomer in it for quick success, as all
the tracks featured on the records are full of conviction, experience in
diverse song writing and most of all, the feel for well-done M.E.T.A.L.!

Stormhammer act without any compromises and come up with a very diverse mixture of hyper-melodic, euro style power metal, US-metal as well as a decent bite of NWOBHM approach (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc.).

The required production crunch is present as well, courtesy of a massive mix by Rudy Kronenberger (Doro, Headhunter, Gurd, etc.) recorded at Crownhill Studios in Düsseldorf and consequently "Cold Desert Moon" and "FireBall" proves to be an extremely entertaining
listen for everyone into classy heavy metal full of dedication
and charm.

In 2002 they supported well-known Blind Guardian in Italy, Vienna and Budapest and played the Blind Guardian Open Air
in June 2003.
With the new Drummer Chris Widmann they recorded and finished their third album "Lord of Darkness". This one is completely
produced by StormHammer and was released at Mausoleum Records in May 2004. It is a consequently follow-up of "Cold Desert Moon".

In Februar 2005 StormHammer promoted the "Lord of Darkness" on tour with Grave Digger and Astral Doors. After another little Festival StormHammer decided to part ways with Tommy Lion after 5 years. In May 2005 Mike Zotter (ex-Neverland, ex-Dreamscape) joined the band and the production of the new CD "Bridges to Eternity" started.

Chris left StormHammer in August and Jojo joined the band in November. The production of the CD is therefore delayed. We played some gigs in Germany and Switzlerland, including a festival in Munich supporting Brainstorm.