Abstract Spirit - Biography





Abstract Spirit - russian funeral doom metal band formed in 2006 by members of Twilight Is Mine, the black metal band from Moscow area. Initially the line up was: Hater - guitars & bass, and Stellarghost - keyboards, then it filled up with the famous russian growler A.K.iEzor (Agasfer, Omnicide, Comatose Vigil) who also played drums. With the first album "Liquid Dimensions Change" (2008) presenting atmospheric funeral doom metal the band signed the contract with Solitude Productions. The second album "Tragedy And Weeds" (2009) is arranged by detuned funeral brass orchestra that puts the listener to the realistic atmosphere of old-fashioned russian funeral. It became a unique style of the band. After the additional line up for live perfomance was found Abstract Spirit played at Shadow Doom Fest pt.3 and Shadow Doom Fest pt.4. The 3-rd album "Horror Vacui" filled with the black atmosphere of insanity and despair expressed by performance of live choirs was released at Solitude Productions at 25.04.2011.

(Source: Myspace)