Morphia - Biography

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The story begins in 1995, when Morphia was founded. Originally a death metal band, the music evolved over the years into a unique kind of symphonic doom metal with gothic influences. After the successful "Poison Minded" demo in 1997, the debut-album "Unfulfilled Dreams" was released in 1999. This didn't go by unnoticed and Morphia got to play with various famous bands on venues and festivals throughout the Netherlands and Germany.

By the time Morphia was ready to record the second full length CD, they were signed by the indie label Fear Dark. With this label behind them, the in 2002 released "Frozen Dust" reached a larger group of enthusiasts and the band got to play on the labels own anual Fear Dark Festival: a festival traveling through Europe like a small Ozzfest.
As the public interest for Morphia was increasing, so were the audiences and the list of tour data. The band got to play on several festivals in the Netherlands and Germany, including the 2004 edition of the Fear Dark Festival. Here, the audience got a preview of the upcoming album. Early in 2005 - ten years after being formed - that album was released: "Fading Beauty" was the third full length album the band could add to their discography.

But in ten years time, a lot had changed. The members moved further apart and got involved in busy jobs and family lives. This made it difficult to rehearse, work on new material and perform live on a regular basis. Therefore, the band agreed to take things at a slower pace for 2005. At the end of that year, some changes in the line-up were made and the band hit the stages again in 2006.

Despite the renewed energy and ambitious plans, the jobs and families remained high on the list of priorities. In 2008, the band members found themselves in the same situation as they were a few years before. This time, however, it was decided that it would be better to disband.