Enochian Theory - Biography


Formed at the end of 2004, when four like-minded individuals joined together to create the audio entity entitled ENOCHIAN THEORY. (Pronounced E-KNOW-KEY-AN)

The fledgling band began to work hard, practice harder and progress quickly from the start. Within just five months they had created and recorded their 1st seven track demo entitled 'Our Lengthening Shadows'.

This self produced record was released in March 2005, created entirely by the band, reproduced as a promotional demo and was only available through the band's official website and their live shows.

With the aim of pushing themselves as musicians and expanding their sound further, the band set about writing their first record, adding keyboards to create an even more epic addition to their already impressive repertoire.

Enochian Theory entered 'The Old Blacksmiths Studio's' in June 2006 with producer & engineer Rich Tamblyn to create 'A Monument To The Death Of An Idea'. In just 4 days the band had recorded, mixed and co-produced the record. After this the band again turned their hand to the albums artwork, aiming to deliver a high quality yet faithful representation of the Enochian Theory's current creative efforts.

With yet another self-produced release, no management or record label backing, the band was beginning to be recognised as hard working, professional and reliable. This then secured them some higher profile support slots alongside established acts such as Ephel Duath (Earache), Red Sparrowes (Sargent House) and Twin Zero (Undergroove).

After some careful thinking, the band decided to combine their industry knowledge and form their own record label for the sole reason of supporting the band's interests. 'Anomalousz Music Records Ltd.' was officially formed In January 2007, signing a distribution deal for the release of 'A Monument To The Death Of An Idea' with CODE 7/Plastic Head Distribution.

This then led to the additional related arms of the label being formed, which included 'AMR-PR' and 'AMR Booking'. All three companies were branded under the name 'The Anomalousz Music Group' and were working hard to promote the band as much as possible worldwide.

With the official release date scheduled for April 2007, the band then signed a distribution deal with Plastic Head Media Distribution for the download single release of "Namyamka".

The band set their goal to self produce the "Namyamka" music video using a production budget of nothing. This was achieved and released with the download only single in August 2007, gaining more great reviews alongside radio airplay throughout the world.

With Enochian Theory gaining more reputation with their music, crossing various genres and reaching agreement with many new fans, the band embarked on their 1st UK tour in October 2007 with the up and coming UK act SpeedTheory (Ant Hill Records). The whole event was arranged by Enochian Theory through their agency AMR-Booking. Additional UK touring was arranged for the band in December 2007 by 'The S-A-N Agency'.

After a year of hard work and industry exposure, the band found themselves under internal pressures. This led to the amicable departure of original guitarist Scott Ware in January 2008. Despite the loss of a founder member, and the band having to cancel extensive 2008 UK & European touring plans with major artists, the remaining 3 piece began work on Enochian Theory's 1st full length album.

The band teamed up with friends Josh Eaves, Ross Gill and Rich Tamblym for the engineering, working at their own studios in the UK. During this time Enochian Theory had arranged for the project to be mixed by Swedish producer "David Castillo" who had previously worked with Katatonia (Peaceville), Opeth (Roadrunner), Bloodbath (Peaceville) and InMe (Graphite/Northern Music). David Castillo introduced the band to Swedish artist "Robin Portnoff" who immediately found a connection with the project and began working on the albums visual direction with the band.

Once the album was completed in January 2009, the creation garnered exceptional feedback from higher profile Record Companies such as Century Media, Nuclear Blast, SPV, Inside Out, AFM, Relapse, Bieler Bros and Lifeforce Records. After the albums warm reception within the industry, it became clear to Enochian Theory that "Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio" needed to be released on their own label and on their own terms...

(Source: http://www.enochiantheory.co.uk/frame.php?p=bio)