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Spirit Caravan - Biography




Following THE OBSESSED's fold in 1995, beloved Singer/Guitarist Scott "Wino" Weinrich spent time in California, jamming and maintaining a wild lifestyle. In the full throws of heavy alcohol and speed addiction, a wicked staph infection forced a 2-week stay in an L.A. County hospital, where he ended up with a chance to re-evaluate. Following his release from the hospital, Wino rode a Greyhound bus for 3,000 miles from California to Maryland, with nothing left but the pair of shorts he was wearing.

Once back on his home turf, Wino has credited being further helped out of his funk by Gary Isom and Dave Sherman, and the 3 soon began SHINE, which formed in 1996 and later would become known the world over as SPIRIT CARAVAN. All 3 members contributed songs and riffs to the band, with Sherman generating early classic riffs like "Powertime", and "Fang". The trio wrote, recorded, and toured together for 6 years until July 2002, when Wino announced that the band was splitting up, citing fundemental differences.

Their music lives on....