Decemberance - Biography

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Decemberance was formed in September 1997. With some changes from the original line-up, our first demo "Decemberance" came out in January 1998, obtaining good reviews from the relevant Greek press.

After performing many live shows during 1998 - 1999 in Athens' local clubs, our 2nd demo "Just a Blackclad..." came out in January 2001, with equivalent response by the press, giving us the opportunity to support acts such as Marduk (2001), Candlemass (2002) ,Kaamos (2003), Saturnus and Misanthrope (2008) as well as many native bands.

With new line-up changes, the band, with a different perspective on sound recorded "Time" Promo CD which is part of the Concept Album.The title of the album is "Inside". The band signed with I for an I records. "Inside" Release date is November 2009. Since March of 2009 the band works with the video artist Tasos Hatzipanagos ("PHADOM design") for the visual point of view of the "Inside" cd

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