Angst Skvadron - Biography

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Angst Skvadron plays depressive, psychedellic, alien death metal, or 'what ever the hell you want to call it' music! "If you like a little avant-garde weirdness with your black metal, this Norwegian ensemble may be up your alley. Spawned by T. Nefas (Urgehal, In Lingua Mortua, more), Angst Skvadron have hit the weird black metal thing right on the head. The core of the music is a traditional black metal sound and atmosphere infused with a touch of the absurd. One gets the impression while listening to it that the creepy co-ed vocal arrangements, use of acoustic instruments, sound effects, etc., were a totally organic process. Despite being unarguably strange, Sweet Poison doesn't feel pretentious or forced. With themes revolving around aliens and space, Sweet Poison indeed has an otherworldly quality that's both alarming and beautiful. Despite being only their second album, Angst Skvadron have a firm grasp on their sound and direction. Sweet Poison is absolutely brilliant."
Angst Skvadron have released 2 full-length albums and 2 EPs. In 2011, they also released a Split EP with So Much For Nothing titled "III (Instruments) / Sublife Warranty". They are currently on Agonia records.