Ophelia - Biography

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'Ophelia' is originated from the picture "Ophelia" by John Everett Millais, which portrayed 'Ophelia' being drowned, who is a character of "Hamlet" written by Shakespeare. Kyung, guitarist and former of ophelia, says "I couldn't take my gaze off the picture and felt dizzy as i fell into the portrayal which vividly described ophelia's last breathe. To me, the picture actually described everything related with image, philosophy, theme, and musical atmosphere with great motif." Finally, Kyung decided to form a band with Cheolwoo, named "Ophleia". It was the very first beginning of Ophelia, in 2003.

During the first three years since Ophelia had been formed, band just concentrated on songwriting. Almost all ophelia's music pieces were written by Kyung at that time. Although very first Ophelia aimed to play Gothic Metal such as Theatre of Tragedy, Lacrimosa, Estatic Fear or My Dying Bride, Ophelia found their own musical direction which could not be included category of Gothic Metal. Instead Ophelia influenced by progressive rock, post rock, world music including Korean traditional music and also lots of philosophical texts written by Friedrich Nietzsche, Gaston Bachelard, Jacques Lacan or Michel Foucault.

In 2006, when all preparatory works were done, Ophelia started to gain members and perform live shows. And Ophelia made a contract deal with Jusin Production in 2007, which is the most renowned label as supporting non-mainstream music in East Asia. At that time Ophelia was not well-known in the local scene because of long preparation and late debut, however, Jusin Production considered the band's musical quality and potential that unbelievable as rookie's. Under support of Jusin Production, Ophelia gained many experiences through live shows and extended their renown. In 2008 Ophelia played on the stage of Asia Metal Festival After Party with Survive and Outrage.

Now Ophelia is concentrating on recording work for the first full length album, titled 'Pity Your Phantasy'. The concept of this album through 13 tracks in it's running time of whole 80 minutes, is all about deep inside of personality proctected by phantasy. The album was released in March 2010.