Mortifilia - Biography

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1998 ::: The Mortifilia band was transformed from previous formation Allhallows. Allhallows played about six gigs, no official audio medium was recorded

1999 ::: The band signed up contract with c.a. sceNext management. Debut promo demo "… in your head" was recorded in January, released on Rinsing Recording label in February. Demo was released as a limited edition (199 + 60 for promotion) on MC. The MC got first possitive reaction and Mortifilia played on festivals all over the Czech republic. They apperared on regional fetstivals such as Hard Storm, Days of Susice or Rokáèi Open Air.

2000 ::: Set of concerts continues. There are 19 gigs and lots of festivals in this year. (Žižkùv vraždící palcát, Into Cold Darkness or Divoèák ). Second promo demo " Care of Gomorrah" was recorded in May. As CD-R format was demo released on own cost in November in count of 300 pieces. It was given away very fast. That is why the "Care of Gomorah" belongs to unique collection nowdays. The recording contains own compositions and a cover version of Life after life of legendary band Fata Morgana.

2001 ::: More concerts and festivals occured to play. Mortifilia attended 24 gigs and festivals such as traditional Cemetary of the Songs, Divoèák or Novembeer fest. Mortifilia appeared on prestigious festival Open Hell and played first time abroad in Germany in Neumarkt. Mortifilia turned up with czech bands Pandemia and F.O.B there.

2002 ::: The official demo "Christ Hunt" was recorded in Hellsound studio, what their band friends Avenger made available. It was released on CD-R format in count of 500 pieces on own costs again. Mortifilia played 13 concerts, appeared on Open Hell fest for second time. The band contributed with song Christ Hunt on followed Open Hell festival CD.

2003 ::: Mortifilia tuned down their original sound. The band attended reputable festivals such as Apocalyptic Form of Death, Divoèák, Open Hell and prestigious Brutal Assault followed by CD compilation with Christ Hunt song on it. In April is 4song "promo 2003" recorded, but not used. In the fall first Czech republic tour called Voice of Carnyx is set off. 100th concet is celebrated in Austria in Innsbruck side to side with Deprešion. 25 concerts during that year made great promotion to the demo "Christ Hunt".

2004 ::: Mortifilia appeared on mini tour Metal Attack with bands Avenger and Bloody Sign from France in the beginnig of the year. The band attended festivals such as Apocalyptic Form of Death and Žižkùv vraždící palcát, about 22 gigs were played In October is the band contacted by label Mondongo Canibale Records for future cooperation. New web pages of the band are available on own domain.

2005 ::: The debut album is recorded in Hellsound recording studio in May. Contract with Mondongo Canibale Records company was signed in July, new album "Redemption" is officially released in the October 20th Band were played over 10 concerts during the summer, including festivals Open Hell and new home town fest Susice Rock Fair. The celebration of "Redemption" releasing is planned for November in Blatna, where the Mortifilia band has propably the best basement of their fans