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No matter how strange, Moby Dick, founded in 1980, is still in the earliest metal band, ahead of the bomb (1983). Ossiant and (1986.), But it is not so in the public mind.

In 1979, the Sopron Lõvérek second cousins living in a residential area and are free of Norbert Thomas Schmiedl - then we both still only 14 and 11 years old - have decided his first musical role models for them to be the toughest known Beatles and Rolling Stones influence, the bõrlabdáról switching to guitar. Thomas by his father, Norbert and her father in 1955 Elvis Presley started his guitar fashioned pengetni. The first home pötyögések guys contacted the city after the legendary guitarist Tujmer "Suba" Geza, seeking to teach them the basics hangszerfogás. Practicing the occasion of most of Led Zeppelin's Moby Dick-je was made. The Austrian Television, this idõtájt Moby Dick per c. film due to the band name was born.

In 1980, Miklós Jancsó companions found a bass player and drummer Zoltán Horváth, individually, a few months after the band's already együttgyakorlás koncertképes. Was born are still popular in the rat and Pokolrock. The time period during Tour School next year and a half could be called, because during this time successfully "bejátszották" Sopron all primary and secondary schools. Horvath Zoli time during Bindes "heart disease" has been replaced by drummer Julius post. But he did not stay long. Rozsonits "Clover" Thomas was in place.

1982nd winter of the first really serious, organized his own party, the Ferenc Liszt Cultural Center in 1200, replaced an out, then the 10 Ft-os belépõjegyüket. This is a fantastic success, they put it - this should really do it seriously.

In 1983, it was already Giczy signals, the new bassist, Moby Dick, the first demo, the following numbers: Overture, bases, sin is Christ, Pokolrock, I have been told whether Falfirkáló, rat, devil was the love of the III. Before World War II.
This material, the band began to conquer the Hungaroton. However, the bastions of MHV were extremely robust. The album was issued in negotiations, smiling blandly rejected the material, and showed the door to the rural kids. " The failure to have failed to get record deal, is not diverted towards the resignation of Dick, but changed tactics and some new musical direction taken Smiciék.
Had already been raging within the band Judas Priest, Motörhead and Iron Maiden fever, and came into the picture of Metallica as well. New songs were born: I'm not a stranger to whom, epidemics, intruders, the family, something happened, scavenged, weep for the soul. These songs consisted of 2 Moby Dick demo. The demo is a "professional" echoes, they invited the band to Salgóbánya Rocktáborba. A study prepared for radio and recording, in addition, it is important acquaintances woven in two weeks, are already known, arrived stars (Pataky Attila Szucs Antal Gabor Szigeti Feri), no young peers in the "Fund" Istvan Peto, G. (EDDA) Leskovics G. (PUF), mercenary Thomas. The camp was closing a painful slap vizsgakoncerten received the esteemed jury, because the pure heavy metal band Moby licensed band allowed to travel outside ORI everyone back home.

The year 1986 started in a special concert. The band is still "only" an organizer, Goble Gabor Nagy Feró invited to a concert up in the bond of Moby Dick. Here began the friendship between Feró and Dick, thanks to which the country also played regularly in the future of the reorganized before Beatrice. Here, however, things slowed down a bit since '86 and '87 between SMIC and Norbert time served in the army of the former People's Republic. When they came out of there, we can say that the band began a new era in his life.

1987th have started to fall into the program, which is one of the band's good friend and an organizer Gábor Goble - bass player of the band Link - dreams.
"I went to Budapest a week, I tried to turn around in places where a lot of professional time will be displayed. Feró High and then manager, Alfred Szucs almost daily contact with me." - Gabor recalled.
Well-conceived and well executed hack started to come. The rock is not very wide range of media - it is true, it's only stamp-sized photographs - but it released the news for a struggling metal band ends of the west.

1988th At the beginning followed by a predictable lineup changed. Kurt took place Giczy Gabor.
"Everything worked hard in the organization, I began to figure in the essential points in Budapest, and of course I loved Moby Dick. They came in turn to the beautiful results. The future is pink pumpkin saw, then I grabbed my guitar at home, and I went to play a melodic punk-rock Link checks. But as it turned out, it could not remain so for a long time ... "
Gabor joined the band after a multitude of concerts followed, regardless of location, all roaring success.
"Totally free to play everywhere." - Drew attention to SMIC. "Every band've put the money available. It occurred to the parents had bukszájából lopkodnunk. They would then still not supportive of us."
1988th fall of all team members felt that the audience really serious interest for the Moby Dick. In late September, an Austrian finished in the studio first, and never means two single song Moby Dick, the Crusaders and the Prometheus. October 15 debut of the orchestra of the Hungarian Television Rockstúdió's show. Great Garage Feró's radio show ever broadcast on the Moby Dick Spitz numbers.
Then came to Hungary in the German touring band Stormwitch. The opening act for Moby Dick went with them, and the tour stop on Oct. 31 weeks ago 9 November rocker in front of tens of thousands of depressed about the thirty-minute program in the evenings. "This tour was the best time - to find Gabor. - We were surprised that the despatch of demos, and so far has been straining so much pretense. Mixers each party to the villa was!"

1989th was also a very important year for the guys. Tentative discussions have already taken place in the midst of the Ring, and the Hungaroton Nívó lemezkiadóknál. The result, published by the MHV Garage selection added to the selected disk's song, which is the number one of the first page.
During the year, playing concerts for more than half already own, headlined the massive sold. August 19, the Beatrice hatezres concert audience came up with the team. The success, which is manifested in the public interest, have speeded up the access record deal, because the concert was attended Ernest Enyeart, the owner of Proton publisher to whom the band made a favorable impression. The current release hearing Feró great person and a great influence on presence. Finally, an agreement was reached, and the 1989th Bark of the Dog began in December! recordings.

In 1990, the album has erupted before the appearance of Moby Dick fever. It was felt in the Dracula Festival, which featured the band in prime time, and Beli-SDI PeCsa concert, where guests came to the team. Encouraged by this, the Moby Dick, even before the release of "lemezelõzetes" party, where the PeCsában, where 1,800 fans appeared in Moby Dick. So many visitors at that time were unable to recruit many of the lemezbemutatójukra.
This year, finally appeared in the legendary dog Bark! 1990th second half of the band's record sales and concert attendance figures based on (multiple attendance record for the PeCsában) tip.

New album followed in 1991, the cruel years, which is still one of the most aggressive sheet metal is considered to be Hungarian. The 32-minute disc for many people referred to as the Hungarian Reign In Blood (Slayer) also token.

1992nd another milestone in the life of Moby Dick. Roundabouts The fourth disc in the list MAHASZ reached the place, and the real villain song has become a hit song, which is also fond of playing the national commercial radio stations. Thomas Rozsonits drummer was replaced by Peter Hoffer.

In 1993, the Transylvanian Crusade Tour, toured most of the Hungarian-inhabited town, and this year organized the Masters of Rock festival in Hungary. In the year 1993 nuclear attack on the lemeztermése dulpa concert material, which sold-out concert recorded in the Round House team.

In 1994, the neighboring countries végizúzták, also a self-organized tour in the Carpathian Basin, covering nearly 45 cities koncertsorozatában. Appears on the headstone instead of plates, a highly successful songs, such as the system has deteriorated, Babylon. Her half of the year's Memento, old age demos disc songs will be published.

In 1995, Moby Dick 100-120 concerts per year, after the team went to rest for a few months, while free Norbert and Peter Hoffer Brazzil released album called projects. The 15-year anniversary concert, accompanied by multi-star guest, took place before the full house. Hungary are the first to use intelligent lights. In August, the already large proportions Diákszigeten, fõidõben evening, the Main Stage, the band came up. The year-end concert PeCsa Norbert illness was on stage three of the band.

In 1996, after a hiatus of nearly two years, a new studio album was the Start of the box. A Well, what is it? nagyköltségvetésû song's clip is made. More get older at the time of onset of the festival concerts in Moby Dick, and they were invited back to the Island Nagyszínpadára.

In 1997, the last is still believed sorlemez of purgatory, and in 1998 the Good Bye (Best Of) selected. The members of civil engagements, the band led to marginalization, and therefore have only a few, small concerts themselves. 1998th In spring, by common agreement announced closure of the Moby Dick of his career. 1998th grand farewell concert was held in November in the Petõfi Hall.

Farewell concert in 1999, appeared in the video material. The then-fledgling, home Internet culture, created the band's fan website (which became the official site), where in 2000, has made an exclusive interview with Gabor and Smicivel.

2,001th New Year's Eve is born in Sopron Football Moby Dick and renovation of the initial idea, followed by swift action. The band members re-encounter, and jóhangulatú storyzásai encountered a dozen times already, they nailed a lot of questions: whether there will be again when Moby Dick?

In 2002, the band began a new chapter in his life! 4 years after the break, the fans koncertmeghívási offers encouragement and sustained impact of the Moby Dick was on stage again. The energy released by a modern concert band were charged up. The perceived success doppingként after more concerts and festival invitations had been met. The team began the 10th nagylemezének write. The drummer Balázs Bertalan filled the post of first, and then returned in 2003 from Peter Hoffer.

In 2003, finished the 10th, returning album, Golgotha, which appeared in late October, Sony Music. Nagyköltségvetésû made to this clip, titled Amen, assisted by fans. The band is organized by 22 stations, large-scale concert series was launched under the name Total Hard Festival Tour. This tour, the 2004th May toured the entire country, most of the leading domestic rock / metal band felvonultatva. Protest over the year, rock music fans attended 15ezer.

2004th August 11, the team began Moby Dick sorlemez preparation. From November until the end of the year, 12 stations, sports halls fills concert crushed the team of Tricky Jubilee tour special guest.

2005th first new studio album in four years of full completion of the work, which ultimately neither Sun nor moon appeared at the 2005th March 21, right at the fourth MAHASZ list startolva place!
After a successful winter concerts 2005th in November - the home rocktörténelemben unikumként - Moby Dick Tribute album, "whaling", which is active in the local rock and metal music illustrious representatives cooperated with 1-1 bands of the Moby Dick song processing.
This sheet material has been "harbinger" of Moby Dick 25-year jubilee, which is dotted with large-scale concert-show guests and celebrate the orchestra under the Petõfi Hall, Budapest, 2006. February 10!

2006th marked by a 25-year jubilee. The 10 February PECS concert was sold out, followed by a nationwide tour. In the year 2006, published at the end of the 25-year anniversary booklet, which is the concert of sound and imagery also provides a number of extras, like almost all the band's music video, tour-werkfilmeket digs.

2007th On 24 February the Moby Dick Fonogram performed at the Music Awards, which is broadcast live on Hungarian TV. A stamp and a concert outside the band mostly Wigwam festival invitations to comply. Norbert Peter Hoffer and free in the meantime launched a formation called Hungarica, whose first album, This year has appeared.

2008th marked by a retro year. The Moby Dick took out his first three albums, and a repertoire drawn from smashing through the country, and the cross-border settlements. In 2008, 37 actions were a band.

2009th 9 February appeared the dog Bark! 20-year anniversary re-released album, which the club Avalon, Budapest, 2008. March 22 recorded "Cruel Years Live" concert, called also includes a DVD with extras supplement.