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Eternal Deformity - Biography




Eternal Deformity was founded in 1993. Their artistic credo is: continual searching and crossing boundaries. So far, they have released five full-length album: Nothing Lasts Forever (1997), In The Abyss Of Dreams... Furious Memories (1999), The Serpent Design (2002), Frozen Circus (2007) and The Beauty of Chaos (2012).

Their music has evolved since publishing the first stuff. They started as a typical doom metal band but now it's hard to classify their style. Some people tried to describe it as "art death" or "prog gothic metal". These opinions display both the variety of our ways of expression and the great number of sources that inspire us in the process of creation. However, the musicians have never forgotten about their roots.

The Serpent Design was enthusiastically welcomed by the listeners that look for new horizons and emotions. Unfortunately, any label wasn't ready to take a risk and show this stuff to the world and to the wider group of metal maniacs.

The band started to compose new tracks. The long period of creation was caused by some changes in private lives of musicians, the discussion connected with the future musical direction that we would choose and last but not least - the final concept of the forthcoming album.

Thanks to rehearsals, long talks and spontaneous reactions of the members, we noticed the breakthrough of elements associating with circus and grotesque.
We stressed on these elements and it caused the specific mood floating over the whole stuff. Although the band didn't avoid its characteristic mixture of different musical genres, this time we put emphasis on creating a coherent and consistent work instead of an experiment.

Frozen Circus appears from the ice cold wasteland. The company has been preparing it for three weeks with the Master of Ceremony, Tomasz Zalewski, keeping his eye on the whole process. After few months of sewing the stuff up, the circus shapes itself. Gates of ice, that lead to mysterious space, have just open. The show begins… The announcer gently introduces the Conjurer, who provides Magic with movements of his skilled hands. Lights reflect on the whirling sheet. One by one new beasts appear and the Trainer make them go faster cracking his whip. All in the name of Art and to entertain the crowd.
Intermission and silence… broken by the sound of drums. Sparkling notes in the hands of skilled Juggler. The dark, the fear, the Magician on stage, whirling blades smash the air. The curtain falls, lights fade… The show is over. Applause rises: Music is frozen in enclosed crystal. Circus atmosphere surrounds the sound forever.

The Beauty of Chaos sees the band rise to a new level musical adventures. Released in 2012 via Code 666 Records and Aural Music worldwide, the album has received several positive reviews from metal websites around the world. The band has played many shows in Europe and are poised to show the world what they're made of in 2013!