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Nàttsòl - Biography


Nàttsòl was born the winter of 2006 as the brainchild of Erlend Antonsen. The vision of Nàttsòl is to explore a more melodic side of black metal while still retaining aggression and mysticism. It was clear that to convey the proper sense of mysticism the lyrics would have to be written in Norwegian, as the lyrics explore themes of nature and adds another dimension of mysticism to the songs.
As Erlend began writing the songs and the material evolved it became clear that to make these visions a reality it would require top-notch musicians.
This meant recruiting musicians from different parts of Norway. Jarle "Uruz" Byberg was hired as the session drummer and together with Erlend's bass-lines he gave the material a strong rhythmic backbone. After much searching Erlend found the perfect guitarist in Espen Jægersborg and he joined them as a permanent guitarist in the fall of 2006. Bassguitar, drums and guitars were recorded between April - October of 2006.
The search for the perfect vocalist took a long time but they finally found the perfect extreme voice in Venomenon while Gustav Jørgen Pedersen would provide the clean vocals. The vocals were recorded between January and June 2007. At the same time Erlend recorded the acoustic guitars. They were also lucky to get Anette Gulbrandsen to provide the vocals on one of the songs.And as of April 2008 all instruments and vocals have been recorded.

In June 2010, just before the release of the Stemning, Erlend decided to leave Nàttsòl due to work and familyrelated issues. The permanent members of Nàttsòl will be Nattsjel and Venomenon, working as a duo and using session musicians for studio and live work. More to come