Nightly Gale - Biography


Nightly Gale was established In January 1996 in Zabrze, Poland.

It was made by: S³awek Pyrzyk - vocals, guitar, programming ; Grzegorz Sobolewski - guitar and programming ; Damian Hellwing - bass

In April 1996 after three months of rehearsals In Cyberstudio in Katowice the first demo "Dream of Dark Hour" tape was recorded. It was abort 60 minutes of max slow and downing doom metal music. Reviews about our music which is not so popular were mostly positive.

December 1996 is a period of work over their second demo "The Bleeding Art". The material was again recorded in Cyberstudio in april 1997. It was more ambitious and thought over then the first one. As a result of the work the band in 1997 has signed a contract with Ceremony Rec. "The Bleeding Art" has strengthen The position of The band that was playing as one of little group of bands such kind of music in our country.

Misunderstandings while the recording session caused that Grzegorz Sobolewski was removed from the band and as a duet they started promoting "Erotica"

In The beginning of 1999 new members Jaros³aw Tofil - guitar and programming and Waldemar Sagan - screams has joined. The group and they together again in Cyberstudio in April have realized the promo material. The tape containing two songs was presenting the changed image of the band which became more progressive and thanks to second vocal the taste became more black metal and it had the best opinion as a position in bands history. The sound and mood emanating from "Erotica" has decided about signing another contract for publishing the debut by Pagan Records.

At the same time Damian Hellwing is removed from the band because of misunderstandings in the band.

The record "...And Jesus Wept" was recorded in the summer 2000 in Combo-Studio in Gliwice and published in may 2001. Pagan Record has a difficult task of promoting music which it has named as "suicidal doom". Five songs and about 60 minutes of music enriched with ambient-trans moods which were added to doom metal atmosphere and using an electro saxophone is the new identity of Nightly Gale. Opinions about the new record are about 99 percent good and are given the position of the best doom metal crew in a country.

In 2002 the band started slowly working on the new material which was finally composed in 2003. About that time many of things stood on the way of accomplishing the record, but at the end of 2004 finally they finished the work on the new album "Illusion of Evil". It contains 4 tracks and 54 minutes of maximally heavy slow and non compromised music. The most mature and professional material the ban has ever made the parts of the piano were minimized and exchanged with strange samples parts of piano and at this time the real saxophone. The biggest evolution were the vocals giving one of a kind mood to this production.