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Compos Mentis - Biography

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On the 22nd of June 2009 Compos Mentis gave birth to their third full-length album, "Our Kingdom of Decay", released through Strange Ears. To cut a long story short, "Our Kingdom of Decay" is about Denmark and not least some of the obscure and repressed episodes from the Danish history. Thus the album deals with topics such as the disfiguration of The Little Mermaid, the insane king Christian VII, the mass murderess Dagmar Overbye, a special Danish predilection for lobotomy and a lot more.
During the recent years Compos Mentis have experienced a series of changes in the line-up, which also includes members from acclaimed death/thrash metallers Crocell. Apart from having added a lot of new energy to the band, the new members have contributed with inputs for a new and considerably more catchy sound. The result is a moving and dynamic album, which is sure to carry existing fans away as well as win over a wide range of new fans from within the entire metal community.

The history of Compos Mentis has its roots as far back as 1996 but it wasn't until the turn of the millenium that things really began to take shape when the former four-piece added a keyboardist to the line-up and altered their genre in a more melodic direction. The acclaimed mcd "Quadrology of Sorrow" from 2001 received stunning reviews, including several top-grades, and was rated "album of the year" by Ancient Spirit Magazine (D). It didn't take long until a record contract with the American label Lost Disciple Records was signed and the following year the young band's atmospheric debut album, "Fragments of a Withered Dream" was recorded. Upon the release in January 2003 great reviews poured in from all over the world (13/15 in Legacy Magazine (D), 9/10 in Xtreem Music (E), 5/6 in Danish Metal (DK) etc.), the album came in second in the "album of the year" category at the Danish Metal Awards and the band embarked on a European tour with Illdisposed to follow up on the great response.
In the summer of 2005 Compos Mentis recorded "Gehennesis", an ambitious conceptual album on which both the music, lyrics and artwork reflected the album's central philosophical themes. The album, which showed a more mature and focused band and featured a 45-piece choir among other things, was released in the beginning of 2007 by the resurrected Danish label Mighty Music. Once again the response was overwhelming, for instance Metal Revolution (DK) rated it 93/100 and wrote that "throughout the whole release Gehennesis has everything a death metal record should have and a lot more to it", while it scored 10/10 in Lunar Hypnosis (USA) and 5/6 in Metalzone (DK) etc.