Gnaw Their Tongues - Biography



The experimental black metal moniker of Mories, the Netherland's Gnaw Their Tongues (Named after a verse in the bible) first started releasing work in 2006 with the full-length CD Spit At Me And Wreak Havoc On My Flesh a year after "formation". As with most one-man black metal/noise projects/bands/outfits/etc., Gnaw Their Tongues' output over the next two-plus years was prolific and extensive, including a large number of EPs, a few splits, and full-lengths. After Spit At Me..., a few of the aforementioned EPs followed before the 2007 release of full-length number two, Reeking Pained And Shuddering, which was quickly followed by two EPs and another full-length on Crucial Blast, An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood, later that same year. 2008 would find Gnaw releasing two split albums (with Constructing Enochian Temples, Mary Magdalene, and Narcosa) and a pair of EPs (Devotion and For All Slaves... A Song Of False Hope) but, more importantly, it would also see the release of a remastered and re-edited version of Spit At Me....