Wotan - Biography




Wotan born in 1988, Vanni is the founder member. At the time maybe the one only Italian band to play this kindf of Epic Heavy Metal. After some shows in the first 90s Wotan realised a demo called Thunderstom in 1993. A demo with 7 songs pressed in 500 copies and soon sold out. After a line up change the band rejoined in 1997 , and after some shows in the Milan - area Wotan realeased a second demo in 2000 called " Under the sign of Odin's crows ) with 4 songs. Also pressed in 500 copies, and once again sold out very soon. Many cds were selled in Greece, and thanks to internet many fans contacted the band. In the January of 2002 Wotan for the first time ever played in Athens, Greece - under an epic snowfall - an incredible unforgettable night.
In the same here ( September ) Wotan played again in Greece, at the Heavy Metal Assault Festival, and for the first time ever Wotan played " Thermopiles " to thanks and to honor our Greek brothers.

Wotan joined with the Greek label Eat Metal records, and realeased the first Full Lenght Album Carmina Barbarica in 2004 and received a lot of great reviews from all over the world.
Wotan played at the mighty Keep It True Festival in Germany in April 2004 and later in April 2006 where also jammed on stage with Ross The Boss.
Ross the Boss also appeared as special guest in the second full lenght " Epos " realeased in 2007 in the songs Spartacus ( guitar solos ) and Mother Forset ( grandpiano ).
It was time to ride across the Europe, where the band has a status of a cult band.
Greece ( a lot of times from the North to the South ), Holland, Norway, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy.....
Wotan hit the same stage of mighty band as Virgin Steele, Ross The Boss, Demon, Riot, Dio, Rage, Jag Panzer, Exciter and many more !!

In 2011 Wotan realeased their third album, " Bridge to Asgard ".
The band is actually working on the next, upcoming, concept album " Nibelungenlied ", an opus with over 100 minutes of epic heavy metal in the best Wotan tradition. Recording sessions started in January 2013.
The band played in Greece, once again, at Up the Hammers Festival, and headline the Rock Inn Somma Festival in July 2013.
The 21th of July the band published RETURN TO ASGARD, the only official realease of Bridge to Asgard, with 3 bonus tracks never realeased before.
In summer 2013 a new chapter in Wotan history : a new drummer replaced Lorenzo...