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The story so far

In the far 1988 , at the end of the metal age , among mist of the barbaric heath of north Italy rose the project of a band .......

Inspired by the Norse gods , Vanni (vocals) and Marco (guitar) joined their swords to fight for epic metal ..... so Wotan was born .

Soon an old sword brother , Sal ( bass ), join the horde with his axe , some years ago he fought with Vanni in a classic metal band called " Shiver " but they both left it to continue the fight for the true metal . after two years of quest ,Tony, the drummer , came to fight under Wotan's flag so in 1991 they did the first live concert, it was one of many in Northern Italy

In 1993 Wotan forged their first demo tape "Thunderstorm" with seven songs , all copies were sold out soon and the name of Wotan resounded among the crowds. But the journey to glory was still long so, the following year , Marco and Tony, laid down their weapons and left the band so for four long years the swords of Wotan remained in their scabbards but in meanwhile "thunderstorm" reached the mythical land of Greece, .......nobody knows how it happened , but they conquered the heart of the greek brave

In 1988 Mario , after his leaving from the group Warhammer , decided to brandish his guitar beside Wotan , no much time passed when they met Lorenzo ( drums ) on their way and finally the quest was over , they were ready for the battle . A new millennium rose and Wotan saluted it forging a new creation , their four tracks cd " Under The Sign Of Odin's Crows", and soon the echo was large in Hellas , then , called by the Hellenic warriors they sailed towards the greek shores for their first date in the millenary city of Athens ( January 2002), oh !,what a memorable night , they played under a great snowfall . In September of the same year they came back bringing their tribute to their greek brothers , a song for them: Thermopiles , played for the first time at the" Heavy Metal Assault" .

2003 was the year of the ride to the land of the barbarians , Germany , for the glorious night of the warm up at "Keep It True III ". But the time to strike was came , so , in June their first official cd " Carmina Barbarica " was gave to the world and the response was great from everywhere , Europe , Japan , South America States ...

After this debut, in February 05 Wotan come back to Germany for the Swordbrothers Festival in Andernach and was an unforgettable night ! In June they were on the stage of the Tradate Iron Fest , a festival with a lot of important bands as Saxon , Dio , Rage , Riot , Candlemass , Domine and many others. After few days , in the same month ,the flag of Wotan was hoisted in Holland , they came there for the Ragnarock Festival in Goes and there they had the honor to play with some immortal band such as Virgin Steele and Demon , but the the 8th of April 06 was the most glorious day in Wotan Life : ROSS THE BOSS the great ex Manowar guitar player , join the band to play together his epic masterwork REVELATION, The memory of that deed will be eternal in Wotan hearts. September came and Wotan was called to go in the land of the true Vikings : Norway, so they sailed to Oslo for a show . After this Journey they continued to work to forge their second cd EPOS and the echo of new deeds will resound through the world , but this is another tale......