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The greatness of a band can be proved by many different facts or details: a strong discography, the fact that it has survived all kind of trends without losing its own identity, a great live show, a sound that is as fresh now as it was back when they started… All these virtues could be applied to Hamlet's career, which soon will enter in its 20th anniversary. A great success, on its own, for any metal band. But above any of these, the greatness of a band is proved when it delivers on those moments when they have to. In that sense Hamlet could teach a few lessons.

Through their career, Hamlet have faced many of these moments (line-up changes, going through different labels, working with Colin Richardson…). The five piece from Madrid have overcome all of them using their talent and work ethic, but it's probably now where their find themselves facing their biggest challenge as they've just signed an international deal with Roadrunner Records to release their new album La Puta Y El Diablo (The Harlot And The Devil), ninth in their discography.

It's an album that has everything that any Hamlet fan would hope for and more. One that soon will be considered their best. If signing with Roadrunner has put an extra pressure on them, it surely doesn't show on their incredible performances. The band has also welcomed Alberto Marín, as their guitarist, adding some youth energy and pushing their two songwriters -Luis Tárraga (guitar) and Molly (vocals)- to their limits. Add Álvaro Tenorio (bass) and Paco Sánchez -a thunderous rhythm section- and you have an excellent team that is ready to conquer the world.

The album has been recorded at Cube Studios in Madrid with Alberto Seara and mixed and remastered in Los Angeles by Logan Mader (Gojira, Cavalera Conspiracy, Machine Head…) adding his special touch to this magnificent album. La Puta Y El Diablo is accessible and complex at the same time. It grabs you on first listen, but it takes several listenings to fully realize its potential. Such is their passion and fury, that it doesn't matter if you don't speak Spanish… you will understand.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/hamletirracional