Who Dies In Siberian Slush - Biography




Up to 2008 Who Dies In Siberian Slush had been a one man band. During this period the project's mastermind recorded by himself a number of compositions and published them as Internet-releases and CDRs.

In October 2008 E.S. formed a full collective, and in May 2009 the band recorded three-track demo "Rehearsal Tape". Two months later the band released the first music video "Mobius Ring". In autumn the group had their first performance at "Shadow Doom Festival ch. III".
The end of 2009 was signified for the collective with changes in the line-up. However, yet in February 2010 Who Dies In Siberian Slush returned to the stage at the concert in the memory of Sergey "Funeral" Bashkirov, the leader of legendary Saints Everlasting Rest.
In May 2010 Who Dies In Siberian Slush got down to recording a full length album at "Primordial Studio"; a contract with label "Solitude Productions" was signed. All material had been recorded by August, and the work over the WDISS debut album was finalized in September.
The disc entitled "Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost" was released on 30th November 2010. Alongside with the debut album of Who Dies In Siberian Slush "Solitude Prod." released a limited compiled issue of albums of 2010, which included one of the tracks from "Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost".
During 2011 the band performed at several Moscow festivals, including "Wings of Doom pt. VIII" and "Moscow Funeral League vol. I". Also in 2011 WDISS released a documentary feature about the recording process of the debut album, as well as two official videos: "The Woman We Are looking For" and "Leave Me".

In the middle of November 2011 WDISS enter "Primordial Studio" to record new material. As a result, on 30th December 2011, at non-commercial label MFL-RECORDS split CD "four fragments of fading life" was released together with a Canada-based funeral doom project Ego Depths.
In the two compositions of the split album Who Dies In Siberian Slush demonstrated new sound and extravagancy of experimental ideas. The band completely denounced the keys. More dynamics and hard speed moments appeared without any damage to the funeral component.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/whodiesinsiberianslush