Deals Death - Biography




As the night sweeps over the lands and fills the heart of every man with wonder, a dream is becoming truth.

The story behind Deals Death started when Erik Jacobson went to a musical college (called Boomtown) in Borlänge, Sweden. There he started to compose songs just for the fun of it. A couple of students started a group so that the songs could be played live. Three of the members at that point are now members of the heavy metal band Sabaton. Later on the music got more and more brutal and the Sabaton members had more and more stuff to do. Therefore the band lost its members for a while. But at the end of the last semester the students of Boomtown were going to play a gig together with the symphony orchestra of Dalarna as their exam. A new group was formed. This time the members were more into the melodic metal music and a new singer was chosen. Olle Ekman from the death metal band Volturyon took the part as vocalist. The band now had a complete lineup and were ready to perform.

After a couple of gigs were performed Erik had to move back to Gothenburg and some of the members did not come along for the rest of the ride. Therefore Erik decided to add new blood to the machine. The lineup that followed is the future of Deals Death. New songs are written, new plans are made and the fate of Deals Death is set into action! The debut album "Internal Demons" has recieved great reviews and with a guestsolo from Alexander Kuoppala (ex-Children Of Bodom) and a mix by Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) it continues to spread like a virus troughout the internet. Hopefully...there will be no cure...