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Aarni - Biography



Some sources have described Aarni's music variably as 'almost orthodox doom metallish Lovecraftian-Jungian Kalevala avant-bard', 'progressive doom metal', 'Yanni with distorted guitars', 'savantgawd submusic', 'primitive black metal', 'underground progressive rock', 'shit', 'space doom metal', 'repulsonic metametal' and 'original as fuck'. The band itself occasionally uses terms like 'Chthonic Hybrid Musick', 'Antinomian Music', 'Maybe Music', 'Noise For Futants', 'Functional Music', 'Dream Torrent Music', 'Bizarro Musick' or 'Musical manure for the mind' or preferably no description at all. Sound confusing? Join the club!

Aarni strives to avoid using needless amounts of traditional song-structures, homogenous parts and other such widespread and boring conventions in its music fnord. Aarni aims for comfortably unpolished results using a mixture of bad and good playing. Probably the band functions as therapy to its unsuspecting members.

Some of the themes in Aarni's music may be A) Finnish folklore and paganism as the band views them B) occultism and world mythologies, brain-change, Discordianism, collective & personal liberation and theories of analytical psychology (especially those of C.G. Jung) C) The Cthulhu mythos as described by H.P. Lovecraft and fellow authors (sometimes possibly handled with a slight tongue-in-cheek approach) and D) Topics not included in the above categories.

Aarni's superintelligent lyrics take form in the language believed most suitable for the song's subject: usually in English, Classical Latin or Finnish and occasionally in French, Ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, German, Enochian, Glossolalic, Ouranian-Barbaric, et cetera.