Hands Of Despair - Biography


Hands of despair has been a solo project by Maxime Côté for a long time before being a complete band as it is right now. During 2009-2010, Maxime produced two demos, which were released only digitally. He learned a lot from producing these demos, and the process gave him the experience to accomplish an album such as Hereafter, released only digitally in 2011. For Hereafter, Maxime surrounded himself with excellent musicians, including Lyle Cooper (ex-The faceless) on drums, and Egan O'Rourke (Daylight dies) on clean vocals, to achieve an album that has a professional, multi-faceted sound. Mixing the brutality of death metal, complex structures of progressive metal, darkness of black metal and despair of doom metal, Hereafter is an epic journey that should be listened from the first song to the last. The project went on hiatus in 2012, but then came back stronger than ever in the shape of a complete band during summer 2014. New line-up features known members of the Quebec metal scene, including Jeff Mott from Hollow, and Etienne Gallo from Augury/Talamyus. Hands of despair are currently putting the last touches to the song-writing of a complete, new opus, which will be out early 2016.