Mortad - Biography




In June 2010, Mortad began carving its path with venom fuelled lyrics, taking aim at the hypocrisy of religion and the government as well as seeking inner truth and strength in the face of such oppression.

October 2010, the band self released a music video, entitled "Discipline & Distortion".

February 2011, Mortad released a four song EP, entitled Pandemic Paranoia, which gained extreme popularity, placing them as the number one metal band on the Reverbnation London metal charts.

August 2011, Mortad appeared on the second stage of Bloodstock Festival, a show that was extremely well received, and was reviewed by Metal Hammer Magazine among others. Following their Bloodstock Festival appearance, Mortad are now confirmed for HammerFest 2012 and Metal Female Voices Fest 2012.

October 2011, Mortad entered the studio with producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile), where they recorded their full-length debut album.

November 2012, sponsored by Alchemy England clothing brand, the band recorded a music video for a track of their upcoming album to be released prior to the album release in 2012.

Februray 2012, the band's debut album, The Myth Of Purity, has been released through Metal Hammer magazine in the UK, as a cover-mount CD.