Indesinence - Biography




The seeds were planted in late 2001. Four kindred souls coming from different sides of the music spectrum converged, in London, UK, to discover a common disillusionment with a local Metal underground ecosystem that seemed to operate on mundanity, technicality, brutality for its own sake and 'scene points' rather than nurturing artistic individuality, atmosphere and imagination.

Several evening-time meetings (both intoxicated, and intoxicating) and extensive talks about conceptual interests, visual art and music in its many guises, all revealed a common attraction to the palpable atmosphere of old-school Thrash, Black, Doom and Heavy Metal, and the unsung heroes of genuine, European-styled Death Metal (long before its current 'revival'), as well as the ambience created by experimental leftfield artists. This was paired with a fascination with the human psyche and music's enormous potential to reach the utmost recesses of the imagination, and a willingness to create recordings that were respecful to the traditions of Rock and Metal yet unafraid to step into the unknown in order to transport the listener to a very dark place indeed. Indesinence had come into existence.

Indesinence have released the Ecstatic Lethargy demo in 2003, followed by the Neptunian EP and the full-length Noctambulism in 2006.

The band's set September 18th as the release date for its second full-length, Vessels Of Light And Decay.