Big End Bolt - Biography




Big End Bolt was formed in Moscow in the autumn of 2007 by Igor Filimontsev (guitar/vocals) and Vladimir (drums), this was the initial line-up. Their plan was to write brutal death metal with groove elements in the vein of other such bands as Cannibal Corpse, Skinless and Dying Fetus. Immediately they began writing and rehearsing while searching for other musicians to round out the band, finding Alexander Tkachev (guitar) first. In May 2008, Dmitry Kosterin (bass) and Andrey Pribitkov (guitar) joined the band, freeing Igor to concentrate solely on vocals. By July 2008, Big End Bolt's line-up was formed by Igor (vocals), Alexander (guitar), Andrey (guitar), Dmitry (bass) and Vladimir (drums). Finally, in early October 2008, Big End Bolt produced and recorded their first demo (containing 2 songs) called Moral Decay and was highly promoted in the Moscow area. In early May 2009, Vladimir left the band due to family problems, so Big End Bolt decided to continue on without a drummer. In May 2010 they traveled to Ukraine in and recorded their first LP in Blacklight Studio with the assistance of sound engineers Alexey "Shaddar" Romanchenko and Sergey "Warkhoros" Sholokhov, called Mechanical Race Creation. After a successful recording and release, Big End Bolt promoted their album with incredible results and today is working on their second album. Big End Bolt's music is brutal death metal with technical and groove elements with lyrics that are mostly short horror stories about mechanisms, anthropogenic actions, machines and engines as part of their sick humor.

Translated from MySpace.