Landforge - Biography

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Landforge is the instrumental post-metal/doom solo project of Stephan Carter. Combining a number of influences ranging from post-rock to drone, Landforge's music is a melancholic blend of ethereal clean sections and pounding distorted riffs.

Originally conceived in early 2011, the project gained a healthy underground following with the debut full-length, a 40-minute album titled "Creation Cycle". Recorded entirely in a bedroom studio with budget equipment, the album was released in May 2011 and within days had racked up a considerable fanbase.

In light of the success of the first release, Stephan started work on the second album shortly afterwards, aiming to recreate the strong points of "Creation Cycle" while also addressing some of the weaker points, such as production quality. The second album, titled "Servitude to Earth", was released digitally in February 2012.

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