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Marche Funèbre - Biography




Marche Funèbre was formed in the last days of 2007 with an urge to write and play doom death metal inspired by the early 90s sound. The chemistry worked and showed Norizon, the Belgian quintet's much acclaimed debut EP, in spring 2009. As the inspiration kept flowing - from 19th century romantic literature to personal grief and philosophical contemplations - the band entered Rotterdam based Excess Studios one year later to record the full-length album To Drown, released in 2011 by Shiver Records, the Belgian metal label par excellence.

On Friday 13th of September 2013 the new album Roots Of Grief was released by Shiver Records once again, and supported by a triple country tour with Ahab and Mourning Beloveth, some of the scene's finest bands. The album, recorded at Motormusic Studios in homebase Mechelen, is often described as being a step forward, combining the best elements of the debut with stronger songwriting, a heavier, more organic sound, and thoughtful lyrics. With its versatile vocals, powerful leads and a creative rhythm section, Roots Of Grief is a rich and sophisticated piece of music, with a strong identity and a sound of its own.

In the last 5 years, Marche Funèbre has proven to be one of the scene's most hardworking bands, having released 3 quality albums so far and performed over 50 gigs in 5 countries, with renowned acts such as Novembers Doom, Forgotten Tomb, Saturnus, Evoken, Isole, Pagan Altar, Pantheist, The Eternal, Officium Triste, Ataraxie, Jack Frost, consolidating the band's strong live reputation.