Ghost Voyage - Biography





The voyage began in early 2008 when the guitarists Taneli and Panu started playing covers together for the fun of it. As their drummer, Vilho, joined in, the trio soon found out that they played very well together. So, they decided to find a good singer and start composing their own songs. It didn't take long to find Teppo to fill the vocalist's role, and soon after that Janne the basist joined the band; Ghost Voyage's lineup was finished for the first EP, Embrace Of The Deep, which was released during the very late 2008/beginning of 2009.

Vilho left the band not long after the release of the EP in order to focus on his main band, but once again it didn't take too long finding Ilari to replace him on drums. Ilari joined the band in March 2009. Around the same time Martin joined Ghost Voyage as the keyboard player, and it was with this lineup that they started working on their second EP, Under The Broken Skies, which was released in spring 2010.

During 2010 Ghost Voyage continued to grow as a band; achieving important milestones like winning Jack The Rooster's band contest, and gaining a rating among the top 12 out of over 200 bands in Century Media's Finnish Metal Star contest.

October 2013 saw the release of the band's debut album, Endless Oceans.