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Cryonic Temple - Biography



There are people who allow themselves to be deep-frozen after their death hoping that it will be possible to be resuscitated again in a future with a perfect society as far as medical technology is concerned. Bizarre? Maybe but fascinating for Glen Metal whose voice sounds very much like Steve Grimmet´s (Grim Reaper) and guitar player Esa T. Ahonen, whose traditional playing is influenced by K.K. Downing´s drive and Uli Jon Roth´s virtuosity. Actually, so fascinating that they have named their band after the unquestioning supporters of this belief in cryo-technology: Cryonic Temple was born.

And the name was a kind of lucky charm for the band, because it had been already well-known in the Metal scene when Cryonic Temple signed a deal with Limb Music Products for their second album Blood, Guts & Glory. After all, the debut album Chapter I had been the best-selling album of the year on their old label Underground Symphony in spite of well-known competitors such as Skylark, Labyrinth, White Skull, Manilla Road And Exxplorer.

Quickly, the two found fellow musicians and recorded the first demo Seasons In Hell in 1997 three titles from that demo landed on the Nerve Compilation-CD. Among others, a production company that Fred Estby, drummer of Dismember, worked for came across this CD and insisted on producing the next demo Before The End in 1998 and mailing it to several record companies. Due to the fascinating style of the band, influenced not only by progressive bands like Marillion or Queensryche as well as by really hard Metal, offers from interested companies came very soon.

But instead of signing a so-so contract, Cryonic Temple reinforced the band by guitar player Leif Collin and keyboardist Janne Söderlund and preferred to concentrate on writing those songs to be released on the demo Warsong in 2000. The band was a finalist at Sweden's biggest talent competition and their song The Gatekeeper was even in the Top Ten of In 2000, the Swedes finally decided in favour of a deal with Underground Symphony Records and completed their stable line-up with Jan J. Cederlund (bass) and Gert Steelheart (drums). In May 2002 Cryonic Temple released their debut album Chapter I and in the summer of that year they enjoyed the climax of their career so far with a performance at the Sweden Rock Festival which received much attention.

After Cryonic Temple had, as above mentioned, provided their former label with a best-seller album, the boys signed a new deal with Limb Music Products for their second album Blood, Guts & Glory . Just as for the debut, they chose Pelle Saether (Underground Studios) as producer, and the unique mixture of Grim Reaper, Manowar And Helloween convinced more than just traditionalists. The band received great reviews worldwide for the quality of hymns such as Mercenaries Of Metal, Swords And Diamonds and Long Live The Warriors.

With the current album In Thy Power, Cryonic Temple adds even more to that and prove that they haven t shot their bolts with their two previous albums. Even the opener When Hell Freezes Over makes obvious that, in 2005, they are among the hottest contenders to the throne of the one and only true Metal. And hymns like Eternal Flames Of Metal or the great In Thy Power are the results of an unbridled passion for this fantastic music created by Glen Metal´s unique voice and Esa´s unleashed guitar playing. But especially these catchy tunes hold everybody in their spell until even the last fan is totally enthusiastic. Believe or die!

(source: Limb Music)