Moonlyght - Biography




Moonlyght was formed in the beginning of 1995, when mastermind Sébastien Robitaille (vocals/guitars) hooked up with some of his friends at the time and headed to Onyx Studio to record their first demo: Midwinter Melodies. The following years marked the first live appearances from the band in their hometown of Quebec. Year 2000 marked a completely reinvented Moonlyght as a five-piece with a new line-up. The band entered Sonum Studio with producer Philippe Poissant to record the debut album "Progressive Darkness" in 2001. The album was first released via the Quebec label Metal Disk Records in 2002, and later re-released by Sweden's Escapi Music for a worldwide release in 2004, and enjoyed critical acclaim.

In addition to numerous shows the following years, supporting international acts such as Cradle of Filth and Opeth, Moonlyght was also hard at work composing new songs and headed to Nokturn Studio to record their second album, "Shining", in 2006. The album was mastered in Sweden by Peter in the Betou (Dimmu Borgir, Dark Tranquillity) and was released in 2008 via the Quebec label Mankind's Demise Records. "Shining" had a more aggressive edge than the debut album, but also gathered great reviews. Unfortunately, different point of views concerning Moonlyght's future and changes in the musical industry led to the band break-up that same year.

2011 came, and Sébastien started writing new material that sounded so much like Moonlyght, he decided he had to reform the band with some of its former members. Luc Gaulin (drums), Christian Jacques (Bass) and Thierry Nadeau-Cossette (Keyboards) accepted to join the newly reformed Moonlyght for a new cd-release, followed by Fred Bedard (lead guitars) in 2014. After working on demos for the past 3 years, the band is actually putting finishing touches on their third album, " Return to Desolation ", to be released spring/summer 2015 by the Canadian label Blast Head Records.