Riverside - Out Of Myself


"I don't feel quite myself..."

Riverside are one of the most talented progressive metal bands of their generation and guitarist Piotr Grudzinski was oftentimes the melody of the band. Their debut album was already a genius masterpiece and he shines brightly. Play it, live it.

In honor of Piotr Grudzinski. (Thank you for the music)

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Marriages - Salome

Alternative 20.12.2015

If you are familiar with Emma Ruth Rundle's solo work, you might have heard of Marriages as well. Even though the music is different, the genius work is the same only heavier. Caustic, experimental and painfully tormented at times, Salome gets dreamier and dreamier the deeper you reach. It merits repeated consumption and can be quite addictive.


Subsignal - The Beacons Of Somewhere Sometime

Prog rock/metal 15.11.2015

Subsignal always seem to fly under the radar. But this new album shouldn't. The Marillion influence is strong on this one both musically and vocally. With top-notch songwriting and melodies, stunning vocal lines and well-placed bursts of aggression, The Beacons Of Somewhere Sometime shows how resourceful and creative this band is. This album is prog heaven. And the prog is good.
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Ghost Ship Octavius - Ghost Ship Octavius

Melodic/progressive metal 18.04.2015

Matt Wicklund and Van Williams make a winning team in Ghost Ship Octavius's debut album. Their talent to produce intricate, hard-hitting songs combined with the soaring performance of vocalist Adōn Fanion reaches epic proportions. Dark in atmosphere and themes, Ghost Ship Octavius borrows elements like groovy riffs à la Nevermore and Communic, and the melodic virtuosity of the likes of Darkwater. Add outstanding solos and a grandiose sound to the equation, and you have a very auspicious start for this band.
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corrupt, psykometal, Promonex, Ag Fox

Giant Squid - Minoans

Post / avantgarde / experimental metal 29.11.2014

Giant Squid continue to evolve. They are hard to put in a box because every song is a tantalizing experiment. Minoans reveals itself slowly with shorter songs, powerful blasts and instrumental finesse. There is refinement in the melodies and a perfect marriage between the voices of Jackie Perez Gratz and Aaron Gregory. The enticing cello and sorrowful atmosphere of the songs form layered waves of exotic sounds. Giant Squid gracefully offer us another treasure from the sea.

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R'Vannith, Mr. Doctor
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Mortals - Cursed To See The Future

Sludge metal 26.08.2014

Albums like Mortals' Cursed To See The Future make an instant impact and grip you. Its sludge is dense with black metal leanings. The songs are long and perfectly structured because the transitions are smart. While there are moments of trance, it's the piercing vocals which guide you through the hostility and gloom of the music. Melodious yet aggressive, Cursed To See The Future has filth in good measure. The slimy and cavernous riffs easily lull you into the abyss.

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Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly

Progressive Delta thrash 01.06.2014

In A Mirror Darkly is as intense as a good conspiracy. The occasional Nevermore tones and Martin LeMar channeling Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain Of Salvation) are coupled with Mekong Delta's thrashy clever twists and instrumental eloquence. But the constant outpouring of technical catchy riffs is well-balanced by the slower melodic passages; this means the plot thickens with every song, which only enhances the experience.

Thou - Heathen

Sludgy doom 06.04.2014

Certain albums crush you and suddenly you become so small. Thou's Heathen does that. It is punishing with both slow marching riffs and beautiful harmonies which shine through the devastation. The brief acoustic passages allow you to breathe but the doom is always looming and never fades. There is a splendorous and limpid melodic side to Heathen but more than anything, this album is suffocatingly heavy.

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Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess

Heavy metal 21.12.2013

This album is like going to heavy metal heaven. The songs are anthems and the lyrics are compelling stories of the epic kind. With its solo bravado, truly majestic vocals, roaring melodies and beautifully crafted acoustic work, The White Goddess is too good to be ignored. There is never a dull moment in the kingdom of Atlantean Kodex.

Consciousness Removal Project - Tacit

Post-metal 15.09.2013

At times overwhelming to the senses, Tacit will make you look inside yourself with dizzying melodies; it will make you convulse with the bursts of energy it unleashes and it will leave a mark, a scar if you will, that you will want to revisit frequently. It is a colossus of soothing ambiences to get lost in.

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R'Vannith, Ivor, Mr. Doctor
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Mouth Of The Architect - Dawning

Sludge/post-metal 03.08.2013

It's funny how little things can surprise you, how atmospheric metal can be so emotionally brutal. Enter the beautiful darkness that is Dawning. It is both inspired and inspiring.
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Mr. Doctor, wormdrink414
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Voices - Voices From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain

Akercockian black metal 31.03.2013

The tomb-like silence of Akercocke might be painful to our little longing hearts but there is always Voices, the new project of Akercocke members David Gray, Peter Benjamin and Sam Loynes. This is ferocious and violent black metal, at times faster than your heartbeat, malicious, unsettling, with splashes of serene voices from the human forest which create a fugue of imaginary rain.

Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos

Djent/progressive 31.12.2012

Skyharbor's Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos shines on with a big wall of beautiful sounds, contemplation and chaotic complexity. Please return safely to the ground when you're done with it. It might take you to places logic can't explain.

Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Progressive metalcore 11.11.2012

Between The Buried And Me is a foreign entity. Their music is out of this world and these aliens keep up the good form with The Parallax II: Future Sequence. They really know how to make challenging prog, and what's better than a concept album? Expect the usual head-spinning craziness, mind-blowing sequences and crushing discharges. A truly unique voyage.

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Threshold - March Of Progress

Progressive metal 15.09.2012

This is how it should be: long, nice and easy, and sinewy. I'm talking about good prog, of course. And that is exactly what you'll find in March Of Progress. No big tricks, just good songs really.

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