Lich King - Trivia

For the third and fourth Lich King albums World Gone Dead and Born Of The Bomb, the album art is to represent the tracks in the Lich King story arc. World Gone Dead depicts Boston (the home town of the band) being destroyed by a horde of fiends, while Born Of The Bomb depicts the band mascot looking at a version of himself being created after a nuclear blast.
Both the name and the mascot for Lich King were inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. Despite this, there has been multiple rumors about the band being a tribute to the World of Warcraft character of the same name, all of which were deemed false.
The song "Axe Cop" was based off a internet comic series of the same name.
The band held a donation page where one prize was that you had your name in a new Lich King song. "Fan Massacre", off of Born of the Bomb, was written about said fans getting killed in different ways by the mascot by name.
Vocalist Tom Martin did the logo for Bonded By Blood.