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Noche Acosador

Directed by: Jonny Coffin
Album: God Told Me To

Camera: Jason Dunlop. Presented by Coffin Case and Panasonic.
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Black Grass Plague

Directed by: Jonny Coffin
Album: Black Grass Plague

John 5 and the Creatures / Black Grass Plague
John 5: guitar, mandolin, banjo
Ian Ross: bass
Rodger Carter: drums

Recorded live at the Doghouse Studio

Produced and Directed by: Jonny Coffin
Director of Photography and Editor: George Maria
Key Gaffer: Ryder Page
Camera and Dolly/Crane Operator: Khalil Tiner
Camera and Dolly/Crane Operator: Tyki Sato

"This music video is dedicated to the memory of Khalil Tiner who was tragically killed by a drunk driver shortly after we completed filming. He was an amazing filmmaker, friend and one of those rare people who could brighten any day with his smile. It was our honor to work with him on this and many other projects. Khalil you are missed and we are honored to have called you friend."
- George Maria, Tyki Sato & Ryder Page