GBR, Lincoln - DragonForce: Hearts N' Minds Tour

Location: United Kingdom, Lincoln (Engine Shed)
Date: 10 December 2009 - 19:00


£16.00 plus booking fee.
16+ Years Only. ID will be needed.
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20.11.2009 GBR, Reading
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09.08.2009 - 20:41
Baz Anderson
Dragonforce are coming to Lincoln!!!! Hahahaha, that's fantastic!
20.11.2009 - 12:18
Angel Of Mercy
Liverpool 2009, can't wait, my second time seeing Dragonforce. Woop.
Your time will come.
01.12.2009 - 04:42
F- dragonforce, i wanna see Sabaton in Toronto!
01.12.2009 - 08:56
If their show in Sheffield last night is anything to go by, I can guarantee this show will be a fucking blast! Both Dragonforce and Sabaton were beyond awesome and judging from what the vocalist of Sabaton was saying and the size of the smile on his face as the crowd chanted "Sabaton!" after nearly every song, it was the best reaction they've had so far on this tour.
05.12.2009 - 23:20
LeChron James
Just a guess: theyre gonna get really drunk and fuck up on their instruments like they do at every show.
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