2000-2010  Josh Middleton - guitars
› 2010-  -//- guitars, vocals
2008-  Alex Bailey - guitars
2014-  Ali Richardson - drums
2019-  Conor Marshall - bass
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2000-2014  Rob Callard - drums
2000-2019  Carl Parnell - bass
2007-2010  Jamie Graham - vocals
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2007  Adam Mayes - vocals
2011-2012  Brandon Ellis - guitars

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Britain's Sylosis neatly cut out the generics of not one but two of metal's categories in their flexible fusion of melodic death metal and thrash. Theirs is a specifically fresh and individual approach, wilfully endeavouring to set themselves apart as an evident outlier in modern metal. With the push for originality which many contemporary bands in melodic death would set out to achieve by incorporating variations of thrash or metalcore into their sound, the former exceeds its foundations in the style and success of Dormant Heart.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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