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Alice Cooper - Audio Samples Of Entire New Album

Audio samples of all the tracks that are set to appear on Welcome 2 My Nightmare, the new album from Alice Cooper, are available for streaming at this location.

Welcome 2 My Nightmare will be released on September 9th in Europe (on September 12th in the UK and on September 13th in North America) by Universal Music. More details about the album were previously reported over here.


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Rebellion - Part Ways With Drummer, Replacement Announced

David Faifer has left German metallers Rebellion and has been replaced by Matthias Karle. A video message from Rebellion in which they introduce their new drummer can be seen at this location.

Rebellion last December parted ways with Uwe Lulis (guitar), Gerd Lücking (drums) and Simone Wenzel (guitar) and replaced them with Oliver Geibig, David Faifer and Karut, respectively.

Rebellion line-up is as follows:

Michael Seifert - vocals
Tomi Göttlich - bass
Oliver Geibig - guitar
Stephan Karut - guitar
Matthias Karle - drums


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Chimaira - US Headlining Tour Dates

Cleveland metallers Chimaira will embark on a first leg of US The Age Of Hell Tour this fall. Support on the road will come from Revocation, Rise To Remain and Impedning Doom.

The band will be doing a second leg in the US in November/December. This will be followed by Australia, Europe and the UK next February through April.


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Event: Chimaira: The Age Of Hell Tour - First US Leg
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Stam1na - Enter The Studio In September

Finnish metallers Stam1na will begin recording their fifth album in September. The producer of the yet-unnamed album will be Joe Barresi, who has previously worked with Tool, Apocalyptica, Queens Of The Stone Age. Stam1na's new album will be released in early 2012.

According to A Sakara Records press release, the idea for the collaboration between Joe Barresi and Stam1na was born more than a year ago, when Stam1na played at Tavastia Club in Helsinki, in February 2010, right after releasing their latest album, Viimeinen Atlantis. At that time Joe was recording the album of Apocalyptica, and Eicca Toppinen (Apocalyptica cellist) brought him to see Stam1na's show and introduced him to the band.


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Forbidden - Forced To Cancel European Tour

Guitarist / founding member / songwriter Craig Locicero of the Bay Area thrash band Forbidden has issued the following update:

"This is the most painful update I have ever had to write...

Due to family obligations on the part of our longtime drummer, Mark Hernandez, Forbidden is forced to cancel it's tour of Europe and will start to search for an adequate permanent replacement right away. Compounding things is the fact that Mark and I also play in Demonica, who were to open the tour. Unfortunately, at this late date, there is no time nor budget to find a replacement who can handle both bands and our only option right now is to cancel the entire tour.

Forbidden would like to apologize to all of the different promoters, Continental Concerts, the bands Communic and Demonica, our label Nuclear Blast, and most importantly our fans who have been waiting for us to finally make it overseas for our first proper European tour in support of Omega Wave. You all deserve better. This is a collective kick to everyone's stomach and it is very difficult for us to swallow.

If there were any way to find one drummer to do both jobs and learn over 22 songs of material in only a couple of days, we would do it. But there is no way to teach somebody all of that material from the ground up and give the fans our very best. Our first choice was longtime Brother, Gene Hoglan, and since Gene is very familiar with our current set list, this makes the most sense. However, he only has a very small window to work with and no time to commit to an entire tour. But he did agree to fly out to Belgium with us so that Forbidden can play the Alcatraz Festival on August 27th! That works out to be the only days that work within Gene's busy schedule and it also allows us to get in front of as many fans as possible for one show.

In no way does this make up for all of the other gigs we will miss. They MUST be rescheduled for the future!

Unfortunately, that future will have to be without Mark Hernandez. He has played for the last time with Forbidden and we will be looking for the right replacement as soon as the dust settles. Obviously it takes a great player to play drums in Forbidden. We will only accept the best!

We all love Mark and hope he finds peace and serenity in his future with his family.

In the meantime we will continue and take the momentum we have gained from Omega Wave and use it as fuel for the next record and beyond!

Looking forward, not back..."


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Event: Forbidden + Communic: Omega Wave Over Europe Tour [CANCELLED]
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Saviour Machine - Statement About "Ilegal" Release By MCM Music & Massacre Records

Eric Clayton, Saviour Machine's frontman, posted an statement regarding an unauthorized release by MCM Music & Massacre Records:

"MCM Music & Massacre Records have manufactured / released a "version of III:II."This "version" is more "a compilation" of what I consider to be "random out takes & demo recordings" from 2004... This CD is grossly incomplete & misrepresentative of what "III:II" actually sounds like today. What I can deduce from actually hearing this CD, is the following... MCM and / or Massacre Records decided to hire a few very bad "engineers" to go through hundreds of takes from the recordings I did in Sweden - Spring 2004. These "unknown engineers" chose some takes, tried to put something together and attempted to "mix" something out of it... basically, the recordings from 2004 have evolved into demo recordings, as far as I am concerned. Since those sessions, I have re-recorded almost everything... I have spent more than 7,000 hours recording, choosing final takes, editing, etc, etc... This CD is not "III:II"
"Massacre and MCM "produced" this CD without my authorization, my consent or my involvement... To call this release a SM "album" is a crime against the consumer... their attempts to advertise this CD as the actual "Legend Part III:II" is criminal! It's a gross "injustice" to the actual production"
Then he explains that Legend Part III was not supposed to be divided in the first time, and that it will be release as a whole, he finalizes with the following:

""Legend Part III" - The Official Release will contain 3 full length CD's: (Disc 1 - formerly known as "III:I" / Disc 2 & Disc 3 - the long anticipated "III:II") Yes... This is real! ; ) Don't ask when it will be finished... I have absolutely no idea? ; ) But... I can tell you this... As you probably know by now, SM is currently performing (and in the process of booking) a number of intimate acoustic shows. Though we'd "hoped" for more concerts in 2011... due to a number of factors, the majority of these rare performances will be booked in 2012... SM is performing for a wide range of "reasons;" many/most of these reasons are very intimate, personal, Spiritual reasons... One of our objectives is to generate enough revenue to resume and complete the production of "Legend Part III!" Currently... the line-up intact is the single greatest "incarnation" of Saviour Machine ever!!! We are the closest band we've ever been... We'll continue to "build upon" this intimacy, we will continue to gain strength, generate income, and together... as a band... we will resume & complete the production of Legend Part III


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'West Memphis Three' Freed After 18 Years

It's official, folks! After 18 long years of incarceration, The West Memphis 3 have finally been freed.

For those of you unfamiliar with The West Memphis 3, they are a group of men who were tried and convicted as teenagers on May 5, 1993 for the murder of 3 young boys. Damien Echols was sentenced to death, while his friends Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr. were sentenced to life in prison.


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Visions Of Atlantis - New Guitarist Announced, New EP On The Way

Official press release

Hey out there!

Visions Of Atlantis is very proud to announce that our live- and session-guitar-player Cris now joined our ranks as our new fix guitar player from now on! On our Youtube-Channel you can see Cris' great announcement video!

New EP: On the 21st of October Visions Of Atlantis will release brand new material for the world to hear as an EP called Maria Magdalena!

More details on this new release will follow next week, so stay tuned for tons of information and more details.

Yours Visions Of Atlantis family.


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Einherjer - New Song Online

"Varden Brenne", a brand new song from Norwegian metallers Einherjer, is available for streaming at the Indie Recordings' Facebook page.

"Varden Brenne" comes off the band's forthcoming album, entitled Norrøn, which will be released on September 9 via Indie Recordings. The CD was recorded at Studio Borealis and was produced by Einherjer's Frode Glesnes. Matt Hyde (Slayer, Monster Magnet) mixed the effort. The cover artwork was painted by Renathe H. Bryn.


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ICS Vortex - New Song Online

"Odin's Tree", a brand new song from Norwegian metallers ICS Vortex, the project led by the former Dimmu Borgir and current Borknagar member, can be streamed at this location.

"Odin's Tree" comes off the band's debut album, entitled Storm Seeker, which will be released on August 22 in Europe and August 23 in North America via Century Media Records.


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Daylight Dies - Entering The Studio In Mid-October

US melodic death/doom metallers Daylight Dies will enter the studio in mid-October to record the follow-up to 2008's Lost To The Living.


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Xandria - Ink Deal With Napalm Records

Official Press Release

Germany's symphonic metal act Xandria and Napalm Records are proud to announce the worldwide signing of the female fronted 5-piece to the Austrian-based record company. Xandria's upcoming, fifth full-length studio album is scheduled to be released in early 2012. All of the previous studio albums prominently charted in the German Media Control album charts.


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Full Of Hate 2012 - Line-Up Revealed

The line-up, with a "special guest" yet to be announced, for European metal festival Full Of Hate has now been revealed. The festival tour takes off by the start of February 2012.


Event: Full Of Hate Tour 2012
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Saxon - Announce New U.S. And European Tour Dates

UK's NWOBHM powerhouse Saxon have made the following statement about the band's upcoming tour dates:

"We have finally got the tour dates for remainder of 2011 scheduled. First we will be putting our attention on America where we've added three more gigs. We are also very pleased to let you all know that our good old mates from Anvil will be our special guests on the continental European dates. Completing the tour package is Crimes Of Passion, who will be opening the shows. For the grand finale we will rock the UK once again where we've got Hammerfall as our special guest."


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Ashes You Leave - New Members Announced

Croatian Gothic Doom metal band Ashes You Leave has announced that they have completed their line-up with a new vocalist and drummer.


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