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In Flames - Single Details Announced

Swedish metallers In Flames have announced that the first single taken from the new album will be entitled "The Mirror's Truth." The single will be released on 7th March 2008 via Nuclear Blast Records. This is a European single and will not be available elsewhere.

The single will include the following tracks:

01. The Mirror's Truth
02. Eraser
03. Tilt
04. Abnegation

The cover artwork for the single was created by Alex Pardee, and he has also done all the artwork for the album.


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Posted: 11.01.2008 by Reconciler | Comments (25)

Hammerfall - Fredrik Larsson Rejoins Band

The waiting and speculation is over, Magnus has been replaced. The new guy should be no stranger to any HammerFall fan: (re)enter Fredrik Larsson, original member of the band and fugutive for the past decade.

"I am very happy and excited to be back! I have known the guys for more than ten years and we have kept in touch all the time, so it is not as if I come in a complete stranger. We played a few songs together last weekend, and it felt like 1997 was just a couple of weeks ago", says Fredrik about coming back into the fold.
Oscar had these comments: "Fredrik brings structure to the rhythm section and I think you will definitely hear and feel the difference when we play live". "He plays with a pick, for one, and has a great groove and timing, all of which will make HammerFall sound better than we ever have before,"
Anders remarked, and Stefan chimed in: "We are all very psyched about this and can't wait to get on the road again." "Fredrik recorded Glory To The Brave with us, so he's definitely a part of the family. It's great to have him back!", Joacim exclaimed.

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Posted: 11.04.2007 by Reconciler | Comments (5)

Hammerfall - Bassist Quits

Hammerfall bassist Magnus Rosén has left the band today (Tuesday 06.03.). An official statement on the band's official website goes as follows:

"Breaking news: The bass player of HammerFall, Magnus Rosén, will not be a part of the band in the future. This is all the information available at the moment, but expect an official statement from the band as soon as possible."

Magnus Rosén became a member of Hammerfall in 1997/1998, around the recordings of "Glory To The Brave".

UPDATED on 8 March 2007:

Here's the official statement from the band members regarding the situation. English:

"Bass player Magnus Rosén has elected to step down from HammerFall to be able to focus on his own projects. While it is surprising, it's not a total shock to us since he has seemed to be unhappy with the situation in the band and on tour for quite a while. We wish him all the best with his future endeavors and turn our attention to the future, immediate and distant.

This will change nothing for us as far as booked gigs and other planned activities are concerned. Rest assured, HammerFall will continue blazing its trail just like before. The process of selecting the right replacement both musically and personally is already set in motion, and we will announce it as soon as a decision is made."

/Joacim, Stefan, Oscar and Anders

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Posted: 06.03.2007 by Mangoo | Comments (24)